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Mastering/Pickpocketing  DVD
DVD by James Coats and Nicholas Byrd - $28.25

From world-renowned master of pickpocketing and star of the #1 selling Mastering the Art of Watch Stealing DVD comes this exclusive step-by-step guide to pickpocketing! This DVD will reveal for the first time anywhere the real secrets of street pickpockets and how they can be used to...

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Pickpocket Passport Trick
Pickpocket Passport
Trick by Greg Wilson - $75.00

How many times do people check their watch or wallet when you tell them that you're a magician? Have you always wanted to learn the daring skills of a professional pickpocket but lacked the courage and confidence? Learning to actually pick pockets takes years of study and practice,...

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Pseudo Card-Cheating Switches and Related Moves Book
Pseudo Card-Cheating Switches and Related Moves
Book by Justin Higham - $15.00

Mention ‘card-cheating switches’ and magicians very often shy away due to (a) the fact that such switches are not really meant for performing, and (b) they are often quite difficult to execute. In particular, switches requiring one-handed pick-ups and throw-downs or complex palm changes and...

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