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Lynx Smoke Watch Trick
Lynx Smoke Watch
Trick by João Miranda - $350.00

We are very excited to be able to offer you this revolution in smoke devices. Perfect for close-up and stage work, Lynx Smoke will allow you to produce smoke from your bare hands with your sleeves completely rolled up. From the creative minds over at Lynx Magic, we're sure you're going to love...

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Smoke One Liquid Refill Refill
Smoke One Liquid Refill
Refill by Lukas Crafts - $9.95

This is the Liquid Refill for Smoke One. Each bottle will fuel the device for approximately 100 times, and each charge will last about 30 seconds (3 times for 10 seconds). Note: Instructions not included.

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Smoke One Trick
Smoke One
Trick by Lukas - $199.95

Lukas Crafts presents a revolutionary smoke device: "Smoke One" Smoke One comes in two types: Box Type (Standard Version) and Ball Type. Both work in the same, beautifully simple way. No Tubes. This saves you from A LOT of problems and issues while practicing and performing USB...

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