Hanayama Cast Marble Puzzle

Puzzle by Hanayama
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Difficulty: Intermediate
Objective: Disassemble and Reassemble the Square
Material: Cast Metal

Hanayama Cast Marble Puzzle

19.95 usd

Puzzle by Hanayama (19.95)

Out of stock. Email me when new stock arrives.

This gorgeous piece is one of Hanayama’s flagship puzzles. Once you have the “Cast Marble Puzzle” in your hands, you’ll quickly realize why this has been one of the best-selling puzzles of the last decade.

The fascinating design of this puzzle brings together all types of different geometric figures in unique ways unlike anything we’ve ever seen. Instead of separating into two pieces (like most Hanayama Puzzles), this Level 5 puzzle consists of four total parts—adding a new layer of difficulty to this puzzle for adults and kids.

These distinct engineering decisions put this puzzle on the high-end of the “Intermediate” scale. We wouldn’t say it’s an expert puzzle, but it’s also not an easy puzzle like our “Cast Loop Puzzle”, “Cast Diamond Puzzle” or “Cast Harmony Puzzle”. Instead, it’s better compared to our “Cast Cyclone Puzzle”.

As with all Vanishing Inc. Wonders puzzles and brainteasers, this chic matte “Cast Marble Puzzle” is a beautiful conversation piece in any puzzle collection. You’ll display it proudly long after you’ve solved it.

Here’s a tip for solving the “Cast Marble Puzzle”: If you do manage to separate the four pieces, make sure to take careful note of the surface of each section.


Customer reviews for Hanayama Cast Marble Puzzle



The Cast Marble Puzzle by Hanayama is a true marvel, capturing the essence of both artistic design and intellectual challenge. As a flagship puzzle from Hanayama, it lives up to its reputation as one of the best-selling puzzles of the last decade. The distinct engineering decisions behind this Level 5 puzzle elevate it to the high end of the intermediate scale, presenting a formidable challenge that distinguishes it from easier puzzles in the Hanayama lineup.

The intricate design, merging various geometric figures in unprecedented ways, adds a layer of fascination to the solving experience. Its four-part composition deviates from the norm, offering a refreshing departure from conventional two-piece separations. While not expert-level, it demands thoughtful problem-solving akin to the complexity of the Cast Cyclone Puzzle.

Beyond personal endeavors, the puzzle’s allure extends to collaborative success. Despite my initial struggles, my colleague Violet Le Fae, a fellow performer, found repeated success with the puzzle, showcasing its broad appeal. As a chic matte addition to any collection, the Cast Marble Puzzle stands not only as a testament to Hanayama’s craftsmanship but also as a beautiful conversation piece that persists proudly in display post-solution - a lasting testament to its enduring charm and challenge.


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