Magic by Hanayama

Cast Loop Puzzle Accessory
Cast Loop Puzzle
Accessory by Hanayama - $17.95

The essence of synchronicity and synthesis is wonderfully captured in this gorgeous Huzzle Cast Loop Puzzle from legendary Japanese puzzle creator...

Cast Harmony Puzzle Puzzle
Cast Harmony Puzzle
Puzzle by Hanayama - $19.99

This music-themed “Cast Harmony Puzzle” is a true treat for any collection. The “G clef” and “eighth note” intertwine in perfect harmony like a...

Cast Diamond Puzzle Puzzle
Cast Diamond Puzzle
Puzzle by Hanayama - $18.99

A delightful puzzle that will challenge the way you think. Like the “Cast Loop Puzzle”, the “Cast Diamond Puzzle” was a beloved favorite of guests...

Cast Cyclone Puzzle Puzzle
Cast Cyclone Puzzle
Puzzle by Hanayama - $19.99

A whirlwind of challenging puzzle fun! Brought to you as part of the same family of puzzles as our best-selling “Cast Loop Puzzle” and "Cast...

Cast Marble Puzzle Puzzle
Cast Marble Puzzle
Puzzle by Hanayama - $19.99

This gorgeous piece is one of Hanayama’s flagship puzzles. Once you have the “Cast Marble Puzzle” in your hands, you’ll quickly realize why this has...

Cast Vortex Puzzle Puzzle
Cast Vortex Puzzle
Puzzle by Hanayama - $17.95

One of the most challenging puzzles ever offered through the super popular Hanayama Cast Puzzles line of desktop puzzles and pocket puzzles....