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Bicycle Outlaw Playing Cards Deck of cards
Bicycle Outlaw Playing Cards
Deck of cards by US Playing Card Company - $8.00

Bicycle xXx : Outlaw The xXx : Outlaws represent a new standard in playing card design. With a photo realistic back print and box design and a gritty, yet sleek joker and ace of spades, the outlaw deck sits perfectly in the hands of both the modern street magician and the contemporary professional....

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Reflections DVD
DVD by Yigal and Jon Mesika - $20.00

In REFLECTIONS, leading masters of levitation and animation, Finn Jon and Yigal Mesika come together again to take you through the DO's and DON'Ts of performing with IT and Loops in any light condition. In REFLECTIONS you will learn how to walk into any setting, from close up to stage and instantly...

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Reflections book DVD
Reflections book
DVD by Helder Guimaraes - $39.95

Foray deeper into the mind of Helder GuimarĂ£es, a supreme conjuror and philosopher of the art. Discover the secrets to his most talked about effects. Be inspired from his profound thinking and psychological analysis. Immerse yourself with the finer elements of magic that transcend amateur to...

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