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RUM Magic download (ebook)
Magic download (ebook) by Aaron Ye - $12.00

RUM is pure mind reading. Imagine you can walk up to a total stranger and divine their thought of card in front of them. RUM also allows you to perform ACAAN(Any Card At Any Number) with an Ordinary deck of cards. The spectator just thinks of any card and name any number they want. There...

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Four Card Tran Magic download (video)
Four Card Tran
Magic download (video) by Creative Artists - $3.95

A multi-phase transpo routine, in which the 4 Kings and 4 Aces are constantly switching places. The routine involves multiple moves and techniques but if you a prepared to put in the practice, you will reap the rewards. Nguyen Ngoc Tu continues to impress us with how he thinks about...

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Hold 'Em Magic Book
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Hold 'Em Magic
Book by Tom Frame - $45.00

Every magician, everywhere in the world, comes to the same realization: if you do card work you MUST know something about Texas Hold 'Em. Many magicians develop entire routines (careers even) around the theme of gambling. Other magicians require one or two “killer” effects that deal with the...

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