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Four Dung Beetle Scarab Shells Trick
Four Dung Beetle Scarab Shells
Trick by Black Fox - $68.00

This is considered a sacred game to almost all Native American nations. Played only in the winter and at night, when Myths and Legends were also told. The Natives played it against sides to see who was going to be more victorious or prosperous in the coming year. It is said if this game is played...

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Cubio Brass Trick
Cubio Brass
Trick by Mr. Magic - $7.99

This is a nice little trick to amuse your friends. The effect is similar to our Obedient Cube Effect, but the working of it is far superior. You show a small brass cube threaded on a string, and when you hold the string in your hand and stretch it out vertically the cube slides down. If you reverse...

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Hundy 500 DVD
Hundy 500
DVD by Gregory Wilson - $29.95

A Full-Throttle, Turbo-Charged Money Miracle Do you love the Hundred Dollar Bill Switch, but find the folding and unfolding process to be a bit slow and sluggish? Wait until you experience the Formula One speed of Gregory Wilson's Hundy 500! Greg's version of Patrick Page's modern-day classic...

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