Cube Maestro

Trick by Henry Harrius and Evgeniy Karelin
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Cube Maestro

39.95 usd

Trick by Henry Harrius and Evgeniy Karelin (39.95)

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Cube Maestro - magic
Cube Maestro Cube Maestro Cube Maestro Cube Maestro

For the first time ever, Henry Harrius reveals the secrets of one of the most innovative cube magicians in the world.

In 2018, rumors started swirling about a magician named Evgeniy Karelin that was supposedly revolutionizing how cube magic is performed. This immediately caught the attention of Henry Harrius.

As the creator of some of the best cube magic tricks ever released such as “Cube in Bottle”, “RD Insta Lite” and “Venom Cube”, Henry is a legendary cube magician in his own right. He also thought he had explored all of the possibilities of cube magic. That was, of course, until he had a chance to see Evgeniy Karelin in action at IFM 2019 in Russia.

To put it simply, Evgeniy Karelin’s cube magic fooled Henry badly. Capitalizing on his knowledge as a professional cuber, Evgeniy was able to successfully implement real cubing techniques and methods into his routines. The results were some of the most powerful and entertaining cube magic tricks ever developed. Now, Henry Harrius is thrilled to introduce you to the man he believes to be one of the finest cube magicians on the planet.

You can learn it all in this gorgeous "Cube Maestro" booklet.


“The Algorithm”

This is Evgeniy’s signature routine. Using just an ordinary cube, you can solve a randomly named color behind your back. This can be repeated multiple times and ends with a shocking grand finale where the cube is magically solved.

“The Supermatch”

This super strong, yes surprisingly easy, cube matching effect is Henry’s favorite. With just two ordinary cubes, you can convince your audience that you have the incredible ability to remember every step taken by a spectator while mixing a cube. Using your remarkable muscle memory, you prove this by perfectly replicating the pattern on another cube.

”The Sweet Routine

This one is a ton of fun and super easy to do. A mini cube is mixed by a spectator before being placed out of your view in a mini box. Using a regular cube, you are then able to match the exact pattern they created before magically solving the cube. The special props included with this pro set allow you to perform this routine with no sleight of hand at all. You can even add an unforgettable ending by adding in the super popular “Mini Cube to Chocolate” (not included).

BONUS: Mysterious Easter Egg (Performance Only)

Watching a master in action is always a treat and one of the best ways to spark creativity. As a special BONUS, you’ll also get access to a full performance of Evgeniy’s spectacular competition act.

“Evgeniy's cube magic opens up new possibilities in the cube magic world. Highly recommended to any one who is serious about cube magic!” Patrick Kun

“A great piece in terms of construction, effect, and presentation. I highly recommend ‘Cube Maestro’ to all who are interested in cube magic.” Lukas Lee


Is “Cube Maestro” suitable for beginners?
This release offers something for everyone. While there are some very easy aspects, there are also some elements that will require some practice.

Is it difficult to learn cube magic from a booklet?
No. Some might argue that it’s actually easier to learn cube magic from a book. You can go at your own pace and slowly digest every important detail. If you are a visual learner though, there are also QR codes that direct you to detailed videos of the performances and algorithms.

NOTE: This is the "Cube Maestro" booklet only. No “RD Regular Cubes”, “Mini Cube to Chocolate Set" or RD Mini Shell included.


Customer reviews for Cube Maestro



Well I’m half way through reading and wow I love it, I’m gonna use this, the ideas within the pages are all workable in the real world, and best of all very easy to do, I give this 100% great work Henry harrius



I was not disappointed with this product. The book contains 3 superb routines. Each routine is very strong. The difficulty ranges from easy through too advanced, but don't letvthat put you off. The easiest routine ticks every box for the working pro, resets instantly, and in my eyes encompasses the 3 strongest things you can do with rubiks cubes for a layman.
Everything is explained very very clearly with text, colour photos and video links.
The props you receive (the mini cube, special something, and the mini cube boxes) are all of the standard you'd expect from Henry Harius.

You will need to provide your own regular sized cube, but a small price to pay as all 3 routines are absolutely brilliant.

Highly recommend this product. do I crack the Easter egg?

VI Monthly


This is an absolutely fantastic product, if you are just starting into cube work or a pro you will definitely find some great stuff in this
That will cause peoples jaws to drop, I highly recommend this.


Community questions about Cube Maestro

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  • Paul asks: Does the RD shell fit a regular mini rubiks cube?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It does not
  • Paul asks: It states mini shell set. Does this include the mini cube?

    • 1. Jim answers: This is answered in the note at the bottom of the description.
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  • preston asks: Do these tricks work with a regular cube? or do I need to buy one of special ones off the site?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You can use regular cubes with the routines and you'll receive some gimmicks for the routines that require a gimmick.
  • Simone asks: hi sorry but even reading the description i didn’t understand what do i revive with this product

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: A booklet. Sorry it wasn't clear!
  • joep asks: Is the super match an instant reset? Or fast reset?

    • 1. Willy answers: I’ll answer this. Unfortunately it’s not. That’s the one downside to this. Unless you know how to solve a Rubik’s cube in the advanced method, you’ll just have to solve the cube in the regular beginning method. If you know what I mean. It’s still a great effect, but that’s just the one downside to this.
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  • Matthew asks: Can you do the last routine with a regular cube, given that a mini cube is not included with this version?

    • 1. Willy answers: If you mean replacing the mini cube with another regular Rubik’s cube, sort of. If you have Rubik’s Dream, you may be able to do it. Honestly though, if you’re just going to do a cube matching effect with 2 regular cubes that uses a gimmick, and not end with cube to chocolate, just do Venom Cube.
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  • Hazel asks: I get that you receive no shell or cube but does the booklet include the mini carton boxes ?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It's just the booklet.
  • Amy asks: The note at the bottom of the description states that it comes with “the Cube Maestro booklet only.” Earlier in the description, for “The Sweet Routine”, it states that the booklet comes with the necessary props to perform. Do I get the props or not?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: This is the "Cube Maestro" booklet only. No “RD Regular Cubes”, “Mini Cube to Chocolate Set" or RD Mini Shell included.
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