The Long and Short of It

Trick by David Regal
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The Long and Short of It

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Trick by David Regal (39.95)

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The Long and Short of It - magic
The Long and Short of It The Long and Short of It The Long and Short of It The Long and Short of It The Long and Short of It The Long and Short of It The Long and Short of It

Now available in multiple languages!

An amazing and entertaining complete performance piece that isn’t your ordinary card trick, coin trick, or mentalism effect. “The Long and Short of It” by David Regal is the baffling and unique showpiece you’ve been searching for.

“The Long and Short of It” is David Regal’s magically explosive new take on the classic boomerang illusion. It’s 3+ minutes of pure fun that is overflowing with astonishment and can be customized to suit any performer or any audience. This is the one effect David Regal looked forward to most when performing at the Magic Castle.

By integrating new elements into this iconic concept, David Regal has transformed a simple illusion into an incredible routine filled with tons of magic and comedy potential. It’s suitable for audiences of any age and fills every room with gasps and laughter. Everyone just loves watching as these beautiful wood pieces seemingly change size and color combinations.

While David’s signature routine often revolves around “classic architecture techniques”, you can theme your “Long and Short of It” routine around anything you’d like such as:

  • A demonstration of hypnosis or the power of suggestion
  • An exclusive exposé on the dangers of poor quality control
  • How failing geometry class led you to become a magician
  • The last time you tried to assemble IKEA furniture
  • Or genuinely anything else you can think of

Perform "The Long and Short of It" in one of the many languages available English, Spanish, French, German, or Japanese.

The gorgeous custom-crafted, super-bright props are easy to use and can be seen from long distances. They offer endless presentation possibilities and work in both close-up magic and parlor magic shows. Everything comes secured in an elegant carrying pouch.

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Customer reviews for The Long and Short of It



You receive EXACTLY what you see in the video. Product is well made, comes with a nice carry bag, and can be performed right out of the box. Novel idea, for a break in anyone's routine just to add something a little different. Recommended.



Went into my show the next day. I truly enjoyed performing it and the crowd loved it. It’s simple to do but as simple as it is the folks seemed to be filled with amazement. It will be in my show regularly.



I enjoyed it because it is so visual. One person said, "it's an optical illusion." It truly is. Very easy to master and it's fun to perform. Whether you perform it for children or adults, it's fun for all.



Great props, great routine. You really only need to watch the tutorial a few times to get the hang of it. I’ve also found that if you get “stuck” in the middle of your routine (like suddenly forgetting where you are), it’s pretty easy to wing your way out of it - just keep going and let the props guide you. It’s amazing how the props naturally support you along the way and will trigger on-the-spot ideas that seamlessly integrate into your presentation. Perhaps not so surprisingly, your presentation can magically become shorter or longer as you wish to to suit your needs at any moment. Then whenever you’re ready, go into the climax. Very happy!


Community questions about The Long and Short of It

Have a question about this product? It's possible others do too. Ask here and other Vanishing Inc. Magic customers will be able to respond with assistance! Alternatively, email us and we can help too.

  • Patrick asks: Is it possible to change the writings in another language?

    • 1. David answers: This set has been printed with the words "SHORT" and "LONG" - but a routine can be built around teaching an international audience two simple English words... words that start out making good sense, then defy all logic. Also, in the instructions I discuss using masking tape or removable labels on the reverse side, to add another element to a routine. You could stick the definition of "LONG" and "SHORT" (in the audience's home language) on the reverse side of the appropriate props. Now imagine a routine where one language remains logical, SHORT=SHORT and LONG=LONG... but the other language defies logic. Short becomes long and long becomes short in one language only! Then the "correct" language can become the "incorrect" language and vice-versa. This could be wonderful madness. I truly hope people run with these props and concoct their own routines.
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  • Rick asks: I know it says it will work for parlour - but you need a table for people to look down on the trick - yes? In other words there is not a variation in the instructions to do this standing without a table as shown.

    • 1. David answers: Many people perform versions of the Boomerang Illusion stand-up. In the case of The Long & Short of It I would display a "correct" Long/Short in the hands, then place it on a side table and display an "incorrect" Long/Short pair. At that point they can impossibly change places.
    • 2. Paul answers: Put self adhesive magnetic tape on the back of the pieces and use a magnetic white board to display the pieces vertically.
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  • Rod asks: How long are these in cm ? I like to add this to a walkabout for a bar but the tables aren’t very big! Thanks

    • 1. David answers: They are 15cm.
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  • Matthew asks: How long is the tutorial and does David teach alternative presentations? Many thanks

    • 1. David answers: I get into alternative sequences and avenues in the tutorial.
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  • Douglas asks: If instructions/presentations are provided, are they provided on DVD or via downloads or streaming?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You will get a Download/streaming link
  • Thomas asks: Is the tutorial what is shown on the product page, or is there an additional separate tutorial? If so, I did not get it. Just wondering. Thanks

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: I'm not sure what you mean but you receive a full in-depth tutorial from David.
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