The Awakening

Trick by Dan Harlan
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The Awakening

39.95 usd

Trick by Dan Harlan ($39.95)

In stock.
The Awakening - magic
The Awakening The Awakening The Awakening

Dan Harlan is making rope magic cool again. After nearly two decades of the same overused and dated rope magic tricks, “The Awakening” by Dan Harlan is finally a refreshing new rope trick that won’t put your audience to sleep.

“The Awakening” is Dan Harlan’s personal opener. It’s been an underground sensation for professional magicians around the world for years and is now available to you. This is one of the most visual and entertaining rope magic tricks you’ll ever see. It is a delightful new take on the classic Professor’s Nightmare that will captivate audiences and even fool magicians.

“Dan absolutely floored me with the Awakening when I first saw it. I genuinely have never been a fan of the standard Professor's Nightmare, but Dan has breathed new life into this classic that both engages and baffles audiences like it never has before." Kyle Purnell

Like the classic magic trick that inspired it, “The Awakening” allows you to impossibly change the lengths of three different ropes to the exact same size. Here is where thing’s get crazy though. You can then separate the ropes with open hands as you show the ropes are actually the same length. You then change the ropes back to different lengths again in super visual and exciting ways.

No magnets. No snaps. No hooks. Just a super sneaky and clever gimmick that does all the hard work for you. “The Awakening” gimmick comes ready to go out of the box and is super easy to use.

Includes gimmick and matching ropes so you can start performing right away. You’ll also receive a complete routine from Dan Harlan. This delightful and amazing routine is bound to become your favorite rope trick to perform, especially in your parlor magic and stage magic shows shows.

Put an end to boring rope tricks. Grab “The Awakening” today!

“Dan Harlan's Awakening is one of my absolute favorite rope routines of all time! Not only is it fooling, it is also just FUN to perform!" Cody S. Fisher

“So, after 30 years of practicing rope magic, I can’t believe I’m considering a new version of the Prof Nightmare! But yes; I will use this! “ Doug Conn


Community questions about The Awakening

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  • Deryck asks: What do you do when the Ropes get a bit, lets say... Ropey? Or what if you just want them a bit longer to begin with? Can you cut more yourself, as in the traditional 'Professors Nightmare'? And modify the gimmick using new rope?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: If you are crafty, you'll easily be able to make up more gimmicks for yourself.
  • Alex asks: How versatile are these ropes, in terms of using them to build a longer routine with standard gimmickless rope effects?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The ropes are made specifically for this routine, unfortunately. Dan designed this routine to be the opening to his show.
  • James asks: Unfortunately this is out of stock, will you be getting more in anytime soon?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes indeed. If you pop your email in where it says "Email me when this is back in stock", you'll get a notification. Won't be long.
  • Wallace asks: Do you get a dvd or a download? If you bought it years ago but lost the download can you just get a replacement dvd or download?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You receive an instructional link with a streaming video. The video is a brand new instructional video.
  • Pierre asks: would you say this routine can be for closeup too?

    • 1. Jim answers: It is better for platform or stage.
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  • Mike asks: What quality is the rope? Cotton? Synthetic? Aside from the gimmick is this just made from regular clothesline rope?

    • 1. Wayne answers: I believe the rope is braided nylon about 1/2 inch thick
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  • David asks: Has anyone else had difficulty downloading and saving the video tutorial? I have NO trouble playing it, but when I click on the download button I get taken to Vimeo (where I set up an account), but my quest ends there. VERY frustrating. What have I done wrong?

    • 1. Jim answers: You gave up on your quest too early. On the video page on Vimeo, scroll down a bit, then look for the grey ? Download button. Once clicked, you can choose from a variety of download sizes.
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  • David asks: This looks exactly like the handling for Tim Wenk's New Nightmare which I bought 20 years ago. Only Tim's routine does not require a gimmick. I really hope there is a nod to him somewhere in the credits.

    • 1. Wayne answers: Awakening is different to the Tim Wenk routine. I’d say the gimmick is different
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  • Michael asks: What color are the ropes that come in this effect? White, Yellow? Or something else?

    • 1. Jim answers: Thus far, they have been white. The manufacturer is making new ones, so this may change when new stock arrives.
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  • Brandon asks: Can this be done like at a kids show. Where they around 6 feet away ??

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Sure can.
  • Brandon asks: Love this but the gimmick it a bit small. Did it come in different size and I didn't see that? I don't mind making a new gimmick for my set. But can I PM someone to make sure I am using the same stuff.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It only comes in one size but you should have no issue making your own up to the size you need
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Customer reviews for The Awakening



I wanted to put "EXCELLENT!! "but that would appear angry I'm told. Like many, many others out there, I've performed the Professor's Nightmare for a lot of years. When I watched Dan Harlan's "The Awakening" I was intrigued so I bought one. After watching the tutorial and playing with the props for an hour my wife asked me if anything was wrong and what was I swearing about? Apparently, I let some choice words like," You sneaky son of a @#%!" and "@#%* me!" slip out while I watched. It might have been worse when I played. "What's wrong?" "Nothing." In fact, everything was right! It is now on my practice table. I love this routine and look forward to featuring this in my shows. "The Awakening"? Yes, indeed! My eyes have opened. Well done, Dan!