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Trick by Taiwan Ben Magic Shop - From $24.95

It's time to take your revelations to a whole new level with SWAG PRO! Now you can carry your reveal device with you everywhere you go as a key chain, necklace, bag tag, etc.! The spectator simply closes their hand around the tag and, after concentrating on their card, opens their hand to...

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McBen's Aces trick Rey Ben Trick
McBen's Aces trick Rey Ben
Trick by Rey Ben - $15.00

The magician deals the four aces face down onto the table and three indifferent cards are dealt onto each ace. The Ace of Spades packet is picked up and the cards are spread showing the Ace and three other cards before all four are slipped into the card case which was previously examined. The other...

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iFoam: The Ultimate iPhone Gimmick! Trick
iFoam: The Ultimate iPhone Gimmick!
Trick by Magic City - $30.00

iFoam, The Ultimate iPhone Gimmick! Amazing cell phone magic made easy with the iFoam! Developed by Gerald Kirchner and James Coats, the iFoam is an iPhone clone with clever tricks hidden in the design. Now you can perform all sorts of mobile magic with one gimmick! With iFoam you can take a bite...

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