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Card Cascade Wallet Trick
Card Cascade Wallet
Trick by Heinz Minten - $48.00

The perfect comedy solution to Pick A Card plot, it's the Cascade Card Wallet! A spectator selects a card and loses it in the deck. You introduced a wallet and show one card inside...but it's the wrong card. So you show more cards, as 10 cards in plastic pockets cascade down. No of those is...

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Ribbon Fantastique Trick
Ribbon Fantastique
Trick by House of Enchantment - $85.00

EffectThe magician displays a wooden frame along with a piece of red plexi-glass. Both may be examined by a member of the audience. The plexi-glass piece is slid into the frame and a ribbon is threaded through it and the frame. Somehow the magician freely pulls the plexi-glass piece up and out of...

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Card on Ribbon Trick
Card on Ribbon
Trick by Gi'Mick Magic - $34.95

You show your audience a closed card case. Show that it has a hole through it from front to back.  Hand out a ribbon for examination and allow a spectator to thread it through the hole. No illusion: The case and the deck are both strung on the ribbon, as the hole through the deck...

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