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Stars Of Magic Volume 8 DVD
Stars Of Magic Volume 8
DVD by David Roth - $19.95

David Roth is, without a doubt, the finest coinmagician the world has ever known. Here is your chance to learn from the master. DAVID ROTHTEACHES MASTER COIN MAGIC (VOL 12)Winged Silver Chink A Chink Hanging Coins Retention Vanish Copper Silver The Portable Hole The Purse & Glass...

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Stars Of Magic Volume 4 DVD
Stars Of Magic Volume 4
DVD by Derek Dingle - $19.95

The only video currently available from this master of close-up magic. Dingle's reputation as one of the world's best sleight-of-hand artists is unsurpassed. DEREK DINGLE (VOL 8)We'll Twist Elmsley Aces Universal Card Bertram Coin Assembly All Backs Cigarette Through Quarter"A magician's...

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Stars Of Magic #5 DVD
Stars Of Magic #5
DVD by Bernard Bilis - $19.95

Bernard Bilis is France's leading card magician. His moves and techniques are totally original.  You will enjoy his subtleties and clever routines.  BERNARD BILIS (VOL 9) It's Really Wild Open Travellers Cut & Restored Card Envelope Prediction & Bilis Switch Watch, Watch My Watch...

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