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The Secret Weapon Trick
The Secret Weapon
Trick by Aaron Fisher - $15.00

Magicians who understand pacing within a routine of card effects know that the classic 52-on-1 card can be a highly effective "change of pace," after a series of heavyweight card miracles. It's light, it relieves tension among the audience, and it gives people a chance to catch their breath before...

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Bicycle Secret Weapon Playing Cards Deck of cards
Bicycle Secret Weapon Playing Cards
Deck of cards by US Playing Card Company - $7.00

The ace of spades served a famous purpose during the war in Vietnam. The US troops believed Vietnamese traditions held the symbolism of the spade to mean death and ill fortune. This belief in influenced US troops to use the ace of spades as a psychological weapon against the Viet Cong or National...

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Wallet Weapon Magic download (video)
Wallet Weapon
Magic download (video) by Lloyd Barnes - $9.99

"Wallet Weapon is extremely deceptive and very devious! A must for all close up performers!"- James Brown //Professional Opportunist.The Wallet Weapon is a powerful, unique and dynamic utility device that you'll carry with you at all times.Specifically designed to be built in to your wallet with...

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