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The Web Illusion Vol 3 Book
The Web Illusion Vol 3
Book by Patrick Richardson - $35.00

Effect: Our world is filled with unique creatures that appear to have magical abilities. Take the spider, for instance: it creates a beautiful work of art, then disappears like magic until prey stumbles into its trap. In this illusion, two volunteers prove that a 40-foot rope is real and solid...

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The Web Trick
The Web
Trick by Jim Pace - $10.00

Possibly the scariest card trick in the world! Jim Pace's "The Web" will out impact any other effect in your repertoire. For those that want to go for the jugular and take no prisoners, the Web gets a more visceral reaction than any card effect ever created! In fact, there are some people you...

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Question and Answer Magic download (video)
Question and Answer
Magic download (video) by Eli Bosnick - Free

From the personal repertoire of New York mentalist Eli Bosnick, “Question and Answer” is a way to leave lasting magic with your audience long after your performance is over. Originally published in the Jerx's members only magazine, this is the first public release of the effect. In a reversal of...

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