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The Social Deck  DVD
The Social Deck
DVD by Soma - $29.95

When Josh (Jay) first saw 'The Social Deck', he loved it. The main reason? It opens so many new doors for card magic. Not only are there new presentational opportunities but it has a connection to almost everyone since so many people use Social Media. Added to this, produced by world champion Soma,...

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Hofzinser Gaffed Cards Trick
Hofzinser Gaffed Cards
Trick by Jeremy Hanrahan - $12.95

Ringing in a gaffed card when no one suspects it can lead to some devastating effects not otherwise possible. With that in mind, Jeremy Hanrahan brings you Hofzinser Gaffed Cards. Drawing upon over ten years of experience, Jeremy has personally crafted these gaffs so they are practical, simple to...

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The Vault - Ultra Crazy Man's Handcuffs Magic download (video)
The Vault - Ultra Crazy Man's Handcuffs
Magic download (video) by Music + Magic Entertainment - $9.95

It's time to upgrade your Crazy Man's Handcuffs routine with this masterclass, Ultra Crazy Man's Handcuffs! Quit just performing this as a quick piece and turn it into the performance piece it deserves to be! Rasmus takes you through all the ins and outs of angles, timing, etc. needed to...

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