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Variations Revisited Book
Variations Revisited
Book by Earl Nelson - $39.95

The first privately circulated edition of Earl Nelson's Variations was published in 1978. One year later Mark Wilson produced the edition that today is considered a modern classic. Now, twenty-five years later, Variations has undergone a complete transformation. The text has been corrected,...

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The Dream Card Revisited  - A Comprehensive Guide Book
The Dream Card Revisited - A Comprehensive Guide
Book by David Malek - $34.95

Get ready for a masterclass in Signed Card to Wallet in The Dream Card Revisited by David Malek! This book describes in detail how to perform a superlative Signed Card to Wallet routine, maybe the only one you'll ever need. And when we say in detail, we mean every strategy, subtlety, and finesse...

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Great Classics Revisited DVD
Great Classics Revisited
DVD by Billy - $28.75

Double Sandwich2 cards lost meet themselves supernaturally between 2 King. Collector (Dereck Dingle)How to lose 3 cards into the deck and how found them at the top between the Kings. Magician contre tricheur (Harry Lorayne)Palming of course Twisting the Aces (Dai Vernon) A miracle with the aces!...

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