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Void (Agus Tjiu) Trick
Void (Agus Tjiu)
Trick by Agus Tjiu - $39.95

From Agus Tjiu, the creator of 'Cross' and 'Nametag', Vanishing Inc are proud to be able to off you a new and improved visual hole transformation effect. The effect is as follows. Your spectator selects a card from the deck, which you mark in a clear way by punching a hold right...

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52 Shades of Red Trick
52 Shades of Red
Trick by Shin Lim - $55.00

Shin Lim has performed with this gaff deck in front of thousands of lay people around the world. For years he has considered this his secret weapon. It is a gaffed deck so advanced that you will appear to do miracles with your bare hands. 2 DVD Set Fully gaffed deck (Bicycle backs)...

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Ultimate Ambition Improved (Red) Deck of cards
Ultimate Ambition Improved (Red)
Deck of cards by Daryl Easton - $40.00

Daryl used this amazing effect to win the Gold Medal for Card Magic at the World Congress of Magic (F.I.S.M.). And now... it's been improved! The Ultimate Ambition Improved is just perfect for the finish to any Ambitious Card routine. The deck is wrapped and tied with a piece of rope...

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