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The Art of Equivoque Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive The Art of Equivoque
Magic download (video) by Hector Chadwick - $10.00

This is, quite simply, the best and ONLY masterclass on equivoque ever recorded on video. In his acclaimed live performance and talk, Hector Chadwick teaches us intermediate and advanced techniques to improve the mentalism you already do, and even offers a terrific impromptu routine that you can...

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Grimoire Bicycle Deck Deck of cards
Grimoire Bicycle Deck
Deck of cards by US Playing Card Co. - $8.00

GRIMOIRE - " /grim'wär/- Noun... "A forbidden book of magic spells and incantations... a gateway to the secrets of the supernatural..." In the darkest depths of your imagination, The Grimoire Deck awaits. Containing a wicked menagerie of gothic imagery, subtly adorned with classical...

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Mega 'Wave Book
Mega 'Wave
Book by John Bannon - $15.00

Ride the Wave...Seven "Fractal" card tricks from John Bannon:MEGA WAVE - Hocus Pocus and Mumbo Jumbo Hammers four-card Brainwave.FRACTAL RE-CALL - JB popular "Call of the Wild" wild-card routine fractalized.SHORT ATTENTION SCAM - A maximum magic minute. JB's hit "The Royal Scam" for the...

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