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Zoom Trick
Trick by Ben Harris - $10.00

A playing card or business card is examined. You ask your audience to look for threads, motors, etc. Nothing will be found. You then wave your empty hand over the tabled card in a magical pass. The card eerily comes to life and ZOOMS this way and that across the tabletop! It looks as if the card is being pushed and prodded by spirit forces! ZOOM the card directly into the spectator's waiting hands for further examination!

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Zoom, Bounce, And Fly DVD
Zoom, Bounce, And Fly
DVD by Jeff McBride - $39.95

Learn the inside secrets of card spinning, McBride's famous floor bouncing, extreme card spin productions, flourishes, card juggling, and much much more!...taught to you by one of the world's greatest teachers of magic!Also included with the DVD, is a special McGrip-Tip SUPER CARD SHOOTERDVD...

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Love Art Deck Deck Limited Edition (Red) Deck of cards
Love Art Deck Deck Limited Edition (Red)
Deck of cards by Bocopo Art Playing Card Co. - $20.00

Printed by the USPCC, the Love Art Deck is printed on high quality Aristocrat Stock and has beautiful gold foil printing on the tuck case. The renowned London designer, Si Scott, spent more than three months designining this beautiful deck of cards. The deck looks gorgeous, clean,...

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