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The Larry Lock Trick
The Larry Lock
Trick by Mago Larry - $120.00

Gimmicked padlocks are a staple for many a mentalist. However, The Larry Lock from Mago Larry is one of the best available on the market and certainly one of the best in terms of value for money. Expertly made and familiar looking, this specially engineered padlock will allow you to perform a...

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Perfect Reel (Locking) Trick
Perfect Reel (Locking)
Trick by Premium Magic - $24.95

Locking reels are a staple of most magician's arsenal, and this locking version is a perfect complement. Small, strong and available with black line or wire. Reels can be used for a multitude of magical effects. For example, the Serpentine Silk effect, where a knot is tied in a large...

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Houdini Credit Card Style Lock Pick Took Kit Accessory
Houdini Credit Card Style Lock Pick Took Kit
Accessory - $29.95

A very cleverly concealed 5 piece lock pick set.The credit card case has Harry Houdini on it.

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