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By VI Team - Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Hi and welcome to this blog post with our team’s picks for the best Vanishing Inc. magic tricks you can get this Black Friday sale. We’ve picked four tricks that we think you’ll love. And remember, as with everything we make, this Black Friday, when you buy three items, we’ll let you choose a fourth for free!

Trojan Deck Trojan Deck by Joshua Jay

This is the trick everyone talked about who came to see Joshua’s off-broadway show, Six Impossible Things. The idea is simple. Your spectator shuffles a blue deck. You shuffle a red deck. At the end, they match exactly. No deck switch. Actually, no sleight of hand at all. A super clever gimmick does the work for you.

But the real reason this was chosen for one of our Black Friday 2022 picks is because it is a blank canvas for storytelling. Josh chose to share a story about the coincidences that led to his parents meeting. But that is what he chose to do. You can paint any story you like on top of this remarkable trick. Where will you take it?

Buy Trojan Deck Now

Cylinder and Coins Cylinder And Coins by Joshua Jay
148.75 - normally $175.00

John Ramsey created a classic of magic with his incredible “Cylinder and Coins”. The plot is simple, elegant and refined. It’s been performed by the greats of magic. But there was always a few, well, niggles with it. What on earth was that weird leather cylinder about? Why did you use a slither of cork? Do we really need to have a magic wand in 2022?

Joshua Jay made many changes to the classic routine in an attempt to make the plot fit into a more modern performing environment. The leather has been replaced with a rolled up bill. The cork replaced with a simple ring. And the wand was ditched altogether.

The result is a classic of magic, rebuilt for you to perform today. And you will love performing it.

Buy Cylinder And Coins Now

Switch One Switch One by Christian Grace

Christian Grace is a beast. The way his mind works is unlike anyone else and when he decided to tackle the Mystery Card plot, he created a smash hit. It’s incredibly simple to describe. A card is folded on the table. Elegantly isolated by an inverted wine glass. Your spectator names any card. You remove the glass, open the card, and—of course—it is the named card.

The sleight of hand switch Christian created for this is bulletproof. You can stare at the card and not see the switch. And the index you get makes retrieving the card a cinch.

This is easily one of our best releases, and we know you’ll love it.

Buy Switch One Now

Triad CoinsTriad Coins by Joshua Jay

Most of us have dabbled in coin magic, but for many, there are issues with a lot of it. Weird grips, funny moves, and usually routines will have a moment where you are left incredibly dirty. With Triad Coins all of that is gone. You magically produce three coins, then one at a time vanish them, and as the last coin goes, both your hands are left completely empty. This is pure, clean coin magic that will leave your audience speechless. And it’s practically sleight of hand free thanks to the brilliant design of the expertly-manufactured gimmicks.

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Saturday, 19 November 2022 19:11 PM - Reply to this comment

Great picks


Thursday, 24 November 2022 13:41 PM - Reply to this comment

in switch one. does the index gimmick clip on, pin on or what?
I was wondering if it would clip on to my pouch that I wear around my waist.

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