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By Vanishing Inc. - Saturday, November 19, 2022

We all have different opinions on many parts and aspects of magic. But there is one thing we all agree on. You can’t really do much card magic without any playing cards.

So here are the team’s picks of the best playing cards Vanishing Inc. has released.

This Black Friday, when you pick three Vanishing Inc. decks, (or books, or tricks, or accessories) you can choose a fourth one for free!

Let’s deal down into the best decks of cards.

Guy Hollingworth Playing Cards Guy Hollingworth Playing Cards
From $15.00

These cards are so polite, they apologize if they make you mess up a Faro! Quintessentially British, Guy Hollingworth exudes charm, grace, and style. As do these amazing art deco cards. They were originally introduced to the world by the Buck twins, but fell out of print very quickly. We worked with Guy himself to bring these joyous cards back to life and we’re all delighted by how well they came out.

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Dead Man's Deck Dead Man's Deck

Look, it’s a deck of cards that has a hole going through the center and comes with a replica musket ball!

Vintage design to echo the deck that Wild Bill Hickock was meant to be using on the fateful day he was killed, these cards even have “blood spatters” on the cards Bill was meant to have been holding during that last ever game. Absolutely gorgeous for collectors, but for magicians, there’s so many stories you can use when you bring out this memorable, inspiring deck.

Buy Your Dead Man's Deck Now

Feather Deck Feather Deck

The Feather Deck celebrates the awe-inspiring beauty of the natural world, and reminds us of the inner-beauty found in the simplest of objects: a bird's feather.

The Feather Deck is the result of nine months of collaborative work between master-illustrator Travis DeMello and our design team at Vanishing Inc. Magic. DeMello is a Brooklyn-based artist who specializes in anatomy drawings. He selected the goldfinch feather, because of its ergonomic, symmetrical shape. The back design may look photographic, but you'll be astonished to know that it is ENTIRELY hand-drawn: every detail, every tiny bristle of the feather...rendered by hand.

The back of every card has been embossed with gold foil in the subtlest of ways, so when the feather backs catch the light just so, they glisten. The crushed-stock finish from Cartamundi is, in our estimation, the very softest, supplest playing card in the world. These cards handle better than anything we've ever released.

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Dapper Deck Dapper Deck
From $8.00

While they might look like a premium collectable, The Dapper Deck was built for professional magicians looking for a chic and affordable alternative to standard playing cards. That’s why we have shifted manufacturers to the USPCC so these playing cards can be printed on an incredibly soft and smooth crushed stock that offers the optimum and dependable performance magicians need.

Each deck also includes a blank-facer, double-backer and matching Jokers for added card magic value.

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