Gift Guide for Magic Downloads

By Ellis James - Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Here at Vanishing Inc, we think magic downloads make great gifts. They’re great for last-minute shopping since there’s no shipping time, and you don’t have to wrap them! Here are our recommendations for the best downloads this holiday season.

Hacking Sack and Bolt

Curtis Kam, also known as the Wizard of Waikiki, is a beast with just about anything he touches. This is two of his legendary routines, and neither uses cards or coins. In this download, you get his version of the Sach’s dice routine and a killer nut-off-bolt routine that you can put together with stuff from your local hardware store. This is not one to miss.

Difficulty: Intermediate to advanced

Hacking Sack And Bolt

Pure Imagination (Download)

Scott will teach you how to vanish a card slowly and visually without and gaffs. This was our first collaboration with the underground legend that is Scott Robinson. Not only do you get two routines using the card vanish, but there are also two coin routines thrown in for bonus value. (Purchased the download and still want more? Check out his book!)

Difficulty: Intermediate to advanced

Pure Imagination | Download

Super Strong Super Simple

A lot of the time magicians forget that you can do strong magic without busting your knuckles. This project teaches some super strong, direct magic, that you can learn quickly and add to your repertoire.

Difficulty: Beginner

Super Strong Super Simple

When we first saw Rune perform this routine, we knew it had it all: quick, visual, auditory magic that leaves lots of room for interaction and stunning moments of magic. This elegant coin sequence is perfect for parlor and lots of fun to do. You’ll need a shell to do this one, but luckily we carry those too.

Difficulty: Intermediate


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