My Favorite Magic Books: Morgan & West

By Alex Robertson - Thursday, April 1, 2021

We asked some of the best magicians in the world what their favorite magic books were. To start us off we have our favorite time traveling duo, Morgan and West. You May know them from their fantastic products such as: Decoded, Thought of Cards Across or their best selling book, Parlour Tricks. Over to Morgan and West.


So here we are again, this time not talking about card tricks but about magic books. Right up our alley/street/bridleway/canal. In our time we've read a whole heap of magic books (haven't we all), but perfectly honestly there are only a handful that we'd say are worth their weight in gold. Quite apart from Parlour Tricks by Morgan & West (an excellent book, or so we hear...), our top three would probably have to be...

  1. The Mental Mysteries of Hector Chadwick This is the book that we wish we'd had when we were getting into magic. It's a corker full of some really brilliant tricks, and more importantly lots of detail about the thinking behind the routines themselves and why Mr Chadwick does the things the way that he does. It really is top notch.

  2. Vortex, Tom Stone Tom is brilliantly creative and this is so apparent in his writing. We've chosen Vortex over Maelstrom as it was the first of his that we read but either is well worth your time. Not only is it chock full of a huge variety of tricks but it's also packed to the gills with ideas and thoughts on performance and what it means to do magic. The only downside is that the book is landscape and is a pain to fit neatly on a shelf...

  3. The Tarbell Course in Magic Yes, technically it's eight volumes but you can get them as one mega-book so it's allowed. If you want a near infinite resource of all sorts of magic tricks, moves, routines, and bits of business then this is it. Especially in the now rather culturally outdated chapters - there is so much gold in these pages. What's more, if you want something new you just need to find something so old everyone has forgotten about it!

So there you go. Of course this time next year our top three will be Parlour Tricks (we'll be less ashamed about self promotion then), and the other two books we're planning on writing. I mean, we've not got a lot else on at the moment...

Much love.

Morgan & West

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