The Other Brothers on Stasis

By Vanishing Inc - Saturday, October 5, 2019

We asked magic's most fun creative duo, The Other Brothers, to answer a few questions about their latest release, Stasis.

1. Where do you most frequently perform Stasis?
Stasis can be performed anywhere! Our favorite setting is closeup one-on-one performances as we love to perform it in a spectator’s hands with borrowed objects out of their own pockets!

2. It's a versatile routine. What are your favorite things to balance?
We love playing with the wallet balance as it seems even more impossible to, not only balance a wallet, but to unfold a bifold wallet once it’s balanced and then balance on top of that! We also teach some extra bonuses on our instruction video but you can get super creative with it and make it different each time you perform!

3. Is it easy to do?
Stasis takes almost no practice to do in your own hands. It’s super simple! Once you move into balancing in the spectator’s hands or creating balances with several objects, there is a bit of finesse and practice to it but ultimately it is very simple and straightforward to perform!

4. What are the angle restrictions?
Stasis is best when the spectator is in front of you, within about 180 degrees. Once the objects are balanced, you can rotate 360 degrees as long as you are staying in motion. The only part that is angle sensitive behind you is when you are balancing the objects initially. If you want to show 360 degrees, the best thing to do is set up the first balanced object then spin around so everyone can see all angles then continue on with your epic, impossible tower!

5. Have you experimented with ways to build this into a larger routine?
Yes! We teach a routine where the spectator picks a card and then you ask them to pull out their credit card/drivers license/etc... and balance their selected card on their borrowed credit card. So not only do you have a cool reveal, you’re able to expand on a classic magic plot. Because Stasis can be so widely customized, you can develop it into an existing routine with balances of objects pertaining to your performance!

Stasis has been sitting at the top of the Vanishing Inc. top-sellers charts all week. Get yours now!

Reader comments:


Saturday, 05 October 2019 21:00 PM - Reply to this comment

Can't wait for mine to arrive!


Monday, 07 October 2019 12:11 PM - Reply to this comment

How easy is it to make your own?


Friday, 11 October 2019 02:01 AM

I imagine that if you have a bit of arts and crafts skills, and the right tools and materials, it would not be so hard to build your own. Although, as always, if you plan on performing this piece, you should buy one to have the rights. Sounds like you have already done that though. Happy balancing!

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