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Book of the week - Experience - the magic of jon allen

Book of the Week – Jon Allen

Experience - The Magic of Jon Allen. This week, it's Josh's turn to do Book of the Week.

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Tim is proving such a hit on our social media, it's time he came to the blog too. Here are his thoughts on the excellent magazine ...

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magic book of the week - faro exposed

Magic Book of the Week – Faro Exposed

This week, Andi talks about a book you've probably not heard of. Faro Exposed. It's about cheating at the game of Faro, not the shuffle. ...

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Derren Brown New Show Dropping on Netflix

Derren’s Back

UPDATED 12 October. Everyone’s favourite psychological illusionist, Derren Brown has a new show coming very soon on Netflix. As usual with Mr Brown, details are scant. Here's the ...

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The Insider E01

Welcome to the first episode of our new magic podcast, The Insider. This is a short, 20 minute chat with Steve Thompson, creator of Glance. Listen ...

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Magic Book of the Week | Del Ray

Welcome to the first of a new feature we'll be running on the blog called Magic Book of the Week. Each week, one member of the ...

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New Magic Venue Opens in London

New Magic Venue in London With Just 90 Seats

The Abandoned Rooms is a brand new venue in London that will be dedicated to magic. It aims to recreate a speakeasy for magic in ...

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Learn To Code with a Pair of Time Travellers

This is amazing. A two-disc set which not only teaches you all the real work on Morgan and West’s stunning code work, but also will ...

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