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By Steve Faulkner - Wednesday, April 29, 2020

A few weeks ago, things changed. Most of us became disconnected from our friends, families and of course our audience. After the initial shock , or maybe during it, many of us turned to our webcams and phones to give us with what we needed: Connection.

We did it in different ways. Some performed, some taught, some helped, some didn't, but so many of us shared. We shared through a need to do something. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter became full of magicians live streaming their lectures (myself included), routines and opinions (myself included). Because I had the magic bit already covered with my review show (Real Magic Review, my stream of choice was to broadcast something a little different (but not necessarily better)! More on that later.

Throughout all of our communities, magic and otherwise, the one constant I noticed was that nearly everyone, in some way, was struggling. Myself included. We all have different challenges, and none are surprising. Even before the 'current situation' it seems that a lot of us were struggling with something, usually related to Productivity, Overwhelm, Focus, Distraction, Relationships, Time Management or Motivation and stress related to all of the above. And for many, that all just got turbocharged.

Helping others, and myself, overcome these challenges, has become a bit of a mission (obsession) over the last ten years. Strangely it has also become my career (as well as l the magic stuff).

With all that in mind, I decided to post regular Facebook live streams, at 10 am every day, sharing the tools, processes and approaches that I've found to be the most universally helpful in dealing with these issues. (Or sometimes I just have a ramble). Some people seemed to like them, But more importantly, many people found that they helped, and I noticed a lot of those people were magicians.

I'm not saying I have all the answers, but I do know that discussing such things results in positive, and sometimes profound change. All of these tools have helped me become the best, and happiest magician I can be, and in some cases, completely changed my life. So I'll be sharing these with you to help make the next few weeks, and maybe months as stress-free and as productive as possible.

Or sometimes I'll probably just have a ramble.

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