Gypsy Tape

Magic download (video) by Blake Vogt
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Gypsy Tape

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Magic download (video) by Blake Vogt ($19.95)

In this video download, you are going to learn a modern and unique handling of the age old Gypsy Thread effect. Blake’s version uses… Scotch Tape!

Piece by piece you rip off little strips of tape and stick them onto your fingers. At fingertips, you stick them all together and then, without any cover, you start to pull them apart. The pieces fuze back together into one long length of tape!

As you can expect from Blake, the method you will learn is innovative and out-of-the box. It is also practical and easy to do. If you can get hold of a Scotch tape dispenser, you can do this routine!

Running time: 20 minutes 30 seconds


Community questions about Gypsy Tape

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  • 1.

    harry asks: Can this be done close up? Surrounded? What’s the reset? Looks great and I love the idea of using sticky tape

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It can be performed close-up and the angles are very good. The reset time is one minute.
    • 2. Jason answers: 1.Yes 2.Yes pretty much 3.minute set up
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  • 2.

    Francis asks: can this trick be done by children with small hands (7 to 10 years old)?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yup!
    • 2. Jason answers: I would say so, just some practice is needed with them
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  • 3.

    Brandon asks: Is this something you have to buy refills for like special kinda tape to but on a reg roll?

    • 1. Jason answers: Just about any tape will work. Scotch invisible and scotch magic is the best. You wont be disappointed
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  • 4.

    dovid asks: Can it be examined

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Customer reviews for Gypsy Tape


Gipsy Tape is 1000000 times better than I expected. I've purchased all the best gipsy thread projects out there (El Hilo by Havi Benitez, Aberdeen Thread, etc) all of them have one big issue, ringing in the second thread or/and palming of the toned pieces.
Blakes method is beyond anything I expected. First of all, easy to do, very practical since you carry with you only your standard tape roll and does not contain the previously mentioned issues. It's an absolute game-changer, and let me ask you "Who the hell carries thread on their pocket nowadays???"
The idea of doing it with tape is brilliant, no refills needed to purchase and set up takes 15 seconds for close and up to 1 minute for a stage. Gets my highest recommendations, well-done Blake



This far exceeded my expectations. The "gypsy" plot is one of my favorites. As a stand up comedic performer this "packs small, plays big" effect allows for many comedic moments and packs a solid ending.

Gypsy Tape by Blake Vogt