The Truth

By Daniel Prado
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The Truth

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Trick or download by Daniel Prado (Download + Expansion Pack $22.99 or download for $18.00)

In stock.

Unlock the power of truly organic magic with “The Truth”—an amazing paper Chop Cup that you can learn the secret to right now.


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Daniel Prado is a lifelong student of the art of magic. Anyone familiar with his other effects like the “Peregrine Pass” or “The Cloak” will have already experienced the unrivaled level of thought Daniel puts into every aspect of his routines.

Paraphrasing Simon Aronson, Daniel believes that a true magical moment is one where an audience is left with the certainty that the impossible happened. They must believe that you just made something happen that shouldn’t be able to be done.

Unfortunately, though, the odd-looking props magicians sometimes use can be detrimental to this concept of impossibility. The Chop Cup is definitely one of the biggest culprits. Don’t get us wrong, we love Chop Cup and Cups and Balls Routines. However, it’s undeniable that the standard crochet balls and metal cups often look like magic props.

Using completely normal looking props—a paper cup and a rolled up piece of napkin—Daniel has created an amazingly natural Chop Cup routine. We say “normal looking” because, despite its unassuming appearance, “The Truth” still secretly disguises all the sneaky bits you need to do nearly all of your favorite Chop Cup phases. You’ll love how clever “The Truth” is. It’s a true magician fooler because unlike other Chop Cup routines, the necessary gimmicks can be added on and removed at will.

Can you really borrow the cup?
The unique nature of “The Truth” means it it works with most paper cups. This means, as long as you can get a quick glance to verify the cup will work ahead of time, you can even borrow the cup. The gimmicks are quickly and invisibly added in before you even begin anything. If you visit a particular coffee shop all the time, you can even build a gimmick specifically for their style of cups.

In this nearly one-hour download, you’ll learn everything you need to know to create "The Truth." We want to be honest with you that it will take around 15 to 20 minutes to make. But, it’s well worth the effort and, once you’ve built it, you’re good to go for countless performances.

The comprehensive tutorial provides a detailed construction guide and a full routine. As a special bonus, you’re also treated to a deep dive into the history of the Chop Cup. You’ll explore the psychology of this beloved effect and uncover what truly makes it so powerful.

Download “The Truth” today!

Please Note: While many magicians likely already own a lot of the tools needed to build “The Truth”, there are two things required that are a bit less common. While they should be available online or in your local stationary store, you can save yourself the hassle with our “The Truth - Expansion Pack” which contains the perfectly sized magnets and other important pieces.

Customer reviews for The Truth

VI Monthly

Laura Bautista

Perhaps the literature behind "The Truth" has more value than the conception of the trick itself, which is well known throughout the magical world. Even so, I think all the tips on making the gimmick, the detailed guidelines and the details to take into account to make a careful and reliable chop cup are very useful. There's nothing surprising here but I don't think it's necessary either. There may be many beginner magicians who can see in this video a guide to creating their gimmick or you may simply, like me, enjoy everything that is hidden behind The Truth.

VI Monthly


Daniel Prado's chop cup routine is very streamlined. He does mention how his routine is a bit bare bones, and how there are other routines out there. Respect. However, that's not where the gold is. The real weight to this project is the fact that Daniel is now providing to the magic community an official, professional, workable, tutorial for a do-it-yourself Chop Cup with material you could easily obtain. Not only that, if you're like me, you just don't feel the metal-spun Chop Cup love. Daniel's paper Chop Cup is an awesome and natural alternative. Do know that at the end of the day, both the cup and the ball are gimmicked. Despite things looking so fair and clean at the end. Standard Chop Cup principles ARE in play. There is also the idea of being able to do the routine impromptu by ringing the gimmick in and out. I'm going to be honest with you. It sounds more like an idea than something actually worthwhile. I'm not saying it can't be achieved. I just think there are other versions of the chop cup out there that would be able to do this better should you be looking for a truly impromptu/borrowed props Chop Cup. At the end of the day, if you like what you see in the trailer, then you won't be disappointed. I just wish that maybe a bit more thought would have gone into the routine. Give me some sources to further my studies. Give me some thoughts and opinions on final loads. Why go without it if you're goal was to leave the audience believing something truly impossible has happened? A final load seems pretty impossible to me. Daniel Prado is a clearly a very deep thinker of magic. Unfortunately, you're kind of left feeling like you didn't get very much of that thinking.



The Truth is such a great routine and I love to perform it any chance I get.

I’m usually hesitant to buy a product that requires me to build it, however, the clear step-by-step instructions in the download and my success in doing so, has made me more confident in building gimmicks and less hesitant to try new things.

The routine is so strong and the props used are so disarming that the result is a powerful and magical performance. I’m so happy that I purchased this product!



A fantastic high quality download. The teaching of the trick is excellent and is easy to learn. There are a few different items needed to create the gimmick but it is all well explained by Daniel and it is easy to make. The effect looks great and performs well with only a paper cup and piece of tissue required.





ingenious idea fantastic value for money everything it says possibilities are limitlless a truly impossible effect which can even be presented as impromptu







Good video presentation, a good teacher with different options taught, great to use props such as a paper cup and a peice off napkin that people won't expect to see as a great peice off Magic, its easy to make, and enjoyable to perform. It's easy to buy online Magnets, or purchase the download with the props.



I loved this effect... Very practical and easy to do... The instructional video is also well explained.. And this is cheaper than the other similar effects in the market now....

VI Monthly


A practical yet philosophical introduction to magic as a term, an explanation, and an experience. I like how he explains the coherence that should exist in a magician’s appearance, the props, and presence to the audience.



I really enjoy thoughtful discussions of magic!







There is a lot of Do It Yourself work involved here. I think it would be useful if you constantly do close-up at a location where you can ring in your prepared cup and are a skillful arts and crafts guy. I should have realized that if you know what a chop cup is "the truth" would be exactly what you thought it would be. Bob McAllister created a dollar bill chop cup which I thought was a nice approach that would work here.


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  • Mike asks: How is this different than Craig’s chop

    • 1. Don answers: Well, for one thing, there is no "wand" or Sharpie being used. Looks really nice and I have no clue to how it's done.
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  • Mark asks: Can it be used to produce a lemon or other item, for a final load?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: For sure. You can add your own final loads!
  • Johnn asks: What is the Expansion Pack ?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The Expansion Pack contains the secret little things you need to build the gimmick. Most magicians will have these, but we're offering them here just in case you don't. Feel free to email us for more specifics - we're conscious that we can't reveal too much here!
  • Jim asks: So - um - maybe I'm not paying close enough attention - but when I went to purchase "The Truth" WITH the EXPANSION PACK since I'm a little out in the wilderness here - - - anyway, I went to order it it was listed as out of stock. Is that the expansion pack? Only 3 hours passed between when it appeared in my inbox and when I went to order so you've either had a real run on things OR something isn't quite right. Can you let me know what's up with that? Or when the bits and pieces will be back in stock? Thanks, Jim Stockdale

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: We had a real run on it! The expansion pack will be back in stock asap, if you pop your email in where it says "email me when this is back in stock", you'll get an automatic email the second we're ready to ship it. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Chuck asks: Can this be done standing? At a table, counter or bar?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Absolutely.
  • Victor asks: Is this limited to only paper cups? Or can a red plastic beer cup typically used at parties be used?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: This is limited to only paper cups.
  • Glenn asks: If I purchase only the download, can I later purchase the expansion pack separately? If so, how much would the expansion pack cost?

    • 1. Jim answers: Please contact customer service for things like this.
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