Gnome's Hat

Trick by TCC Presents
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Gnome's Hat

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Trick by TCC Presents (49.95)

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Gnome's Hat - magic
Gnome's Hat Gnome's Hat Gnome's Hat Gnome's Hat Gnome's Hat Gnome's Hat

New life has been breathed into the classic "Leather Cone" routine. TCC and Chilean magician Sebastian have partnered to create "Gnome's Hat", a modern handling of a classic of magic that gives a meaningful rationale to the iconic coin magic prop to create an unforgettable experience for the audience.

Sebastian applies the classic "Leather Cone" prop to coin magic in an innovative and fun way. And you don't have to be a super skilled coin magician to use it. Hardly any difficult sleight of hand moves are used. But, there's also plenty of room to add your own favorite sleights as you see fit.

The basic routine goes like this. A small leather cone is displayed and you explain to the audience that this is the hat of a Gnome (Dwarf, Fairy, Elf) and it has some magical properties. Whenever you put a coin under the hat, it will teleport. After all the coins have been teleported, a little gnome appears from the hat. A super fun and surprising ending.

This patter can be adjusted as needed. If you prefer, you could only reveal that the leather cone is actually a gnome's hat after you make the gnome appear. There is a ton of fun presentational possibilities.

In addition to coins, the "Gnome's Hat" by TCC is also suitable to use in the classic "Mini Ball and Cone" routine, using a small 1-inch ball and the classic methods (instructions not included for this).

Each "TCC Gnome's Hat" is expertly sewn by hand by a skilled craftsman using black vegetable-tanned leather. It's the perfect sized for half dollar coins (not included). The tiny gnome is produced used a photocuring 3D printing process. It's appearance and structure has been meticulously designed to not only be adorable, but fit perfectly into the structure of the routine.

Comes With: leather hat, 3D-printed gnome and complete online video instructions including Sebastian's original handling and additional handlings by Jay Wang.

Key Details

  • Stunning coin magic routine that is super easy to do
  • No difficult sleight of hand required
  • Premium props and routines included

IMPORTANT: You will need four half dollar coins to perform the main "Gnome's Hat" routine. These are not included with your purchase. You will need to supply your own half dollars, as well as your own expanded shell if you want to perform one of the bonus handlings.

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Customer reviews for Gnome's Hat



Anything TCC creates ...I purchase. These items from them will become the new Tenyo or Mikame collectibles. Don't get me wrong they are also very useful in using in your magic shows etc. Quality all around and I hope TCC creates an exclusive line of items...that being said they do come packaged in quality boxes...just keep the quality coming please.



OMG! My nieces and nephews keep wanting more of this! They are sharp little people and they help me to try and become seamless!
Awesome with gaffed coins, too! Lots of notes and ideas with this. I really enjoy the tcc stuff. Just cool!


Community questions about Gnome's Hat

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  • Rollie asks: I have a couple of questions on Gnomes Hat by TCC. I am not very good at coin sleights. Regarding the Full Performance in the trailer, are the sleights fairly easy to learn/execute? Is an expanded shell needed in order to do the routine in the Full Performance trailer? Thank you as always for your help.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Everything needed is included. While not as hard as most coin routines, this will take a bit of practice.
  • Mark asks: Will the cone fit over 5 half dollars, for use with the "Stack of Coins - Half Dollar" trick (a.k.a. the Cap and Pence)?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds:
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