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Flaming Coffee DVD
Flaming Coffee
DVD by SansMinds - $29.95

Most people need a cup of coffee to get themselves going in the morning. But what if you can kick it up a notch and add some heat to your morning. Everyone loves a fire wallet because fire naturally draws people's attention. The SansMinds Creative Lab has modernized it into your daily...

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Some More Tricks Book
Some More Tricks
Book by Anthony Owen - $29.95

Anthony Owen is the BAFTA award winning producer of The Secret World of Magic, The Quick Trick Show, Monkey Magic, The Greatest Magic Tricks in the Universe, Marc Paul's Mind Games, Magick, Thomas Solomon: Escape Artist and Derren Brown's specials and series'. He has also created material for David...

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Break Trick
Trick by Uday Jadugar - $49.95

An incredibly clean and visual coin bend. Have you tried bending a coin with your hands? It’s impossible. Now try it with your mind. Break is an effect that allows you to visually bend and break a coin in half. The spectator can attempt it, to no avail. You then do something crazy and...

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