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Money Paddle Trick
Money Paddle
Trick by Sandeep Tulsyan - $24.95

The money paddle! This was one of our FIRST magic tricks, and one that garnered an incredible reaction. More than a trick, this is a lesson in how to squeeze every possibility into a simple paddle move. Entirely easy to do, you cause coins to magically duplicate with a mysterious paddle. As a big...

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Coincidence (U.S. Coin) Trick
Coincidence (U.S. Coin)
Trick by Kreis - $39.95

U.S. Coin VersionThere are four different coins (borrowed) placed on top of a small box. Also the box lid has four different numbers (1, 2, 3, and 4) printed on it.The magician moves the four coins to the four positions according to an order chosen by a spectator. When the spectator removes the...

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NEW British Pound Coin - Coin Unique Gimmicked coin
NEW British Pound Coin - Coin Unique
Gimmicked coin by Vanishing Inc. Magic - $40.00

Coin Unique is one of the great coin tricks. A one pound coin and a penny are placed into your hand, or under a glass, and with a shake, the penny visibly disappears. No sleight-of-hand, no funny moves. The coin does all of the work for you and IT CAN BE EXAMINED. If you already own a Coin Unique,...

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