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The FLY Trick
Trick by Mónica Varela Rojo - $49.95

If you are looking for a truly unique card location effect, The Fly is for you!  No need for teleporters, this fly comes in a box that, when opened, drops the fly onto the cards so it can find a selected card as you spread through the deck. Once you capture it again, you can open the box again...

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Flying Kiss Trick
Flying Kiss
Trick by Devin Knight - $15.00

The original trick, first released by Devin Knight in 1972 and long off the market. It is available again, after being one his most popular effects during a recent lecture tour. You show a deck of cards and have a lady freely select a card. There is no force. The lady may sign the card if you wish....

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Pop Fly Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Pop Fly
Magic download (video) by Bizau Cristian - $10.00

Bizau Cristian is a young magician from Romania with a spectacular new card sleight that causes a selection to fly out of the pack without any apparent throwing action. It’s called POP FLY, and this ridiculously cool-looking sleight is available right now! Vanishing Inc. has collaborated with...

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