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Flown Away Book
Flown Away
Book by Paul Romhany - $39.95

Take someone on an unforgettable plane journey across the world in their imagination and reveal their chosen destination under seemingly impossible conditions. From the mind that brought you mentalist effects Dial-abolical and Plunge of Death, comes Flown Away, a truly practical and real-world...

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Fly Cards trick Trick
Fly Cards trick
Trick by Meir Yedid Magic - $15.00

EffectFour cards with large flies pictured on them are placed face down on a table. Three blank cards are placed on top of each of the fly cards. Surprisingly, the first fly vanishes and joins its mate in the second pile. They both vanish and three are seen in the third pile. All the flies vanish...

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Poker Fly Trick
Poker Fly
Trick by Mark Southworth - $60.00

How would it be to have a truly universal effect recognised wherever you go in the world? Poker Fly is a great twist on the 3 fly effect; this time with poker chips, not with coins! Let's face it almost everyone knows what a poker chip looks like.So, what does it do?Three poker chips travel,...

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