Mastering Magic on the Go with Magic Ebooks

As you’ve hopefully seen, all Vanishing Inc. magic books are now available as magic ebooks.

This opens up a new world for traveling magicians. Magic ebooks offer a wholly new level of portability because you can bring your whole library with you on your phone or tablet wherever you are in the world.

We’re probably all book geeks. We probably all are unable to stop thinking about magic tricks, moves, and history. We probably all have wished at some point we could just look something up while we’re away from our library.

Now, all those problems disappear!

Busy on tour and remember in the back of your mind there was a variation on a move you are using that you want to check out to see if it will improve your routine? Now you can.

Bored on the road and want to read the latest magic ebooks on the go? Now you can.

Writing while you have some downtime and need to research the history of a plot? Now you can.

Obviously, not all of us are touring pros, but we’ll happily bet that when you are away on business, or on vacation the same things apply.

Now, when you’re sipping a cocktail on a beach and can’t quite remember the set up for a trick you want to do, you can quickly and easily look it up.

Bored in a hotel room at a conference? Now you can cheer up a dull evening by diving into the latest releases, or revisiting the classics.

Professional, or hobbyist, busy touring road warrior, or just looking to entertain the fam at Thanksgiving gatherings, magic ebooks are going to change your life for the better.