What happens if my order gets lost?

When shopping at Vanishing Inc., you never have to worry about being on the hook for a lost package!

If you encounter any issues with your order, such as an extended delay in transit or a package that is potentially lost, please contact our Support Wizards and we will do our best to find a solution as quickly as possibly.

While small delays do occasionally happen, delays that go for extended periods of time could indicate a larger problem—such as your package being lost in transit. When you contact us, well take the necessary steps to address the situation and get it resolved for you.

If You Live in the United States

For those in the United States, delays of 7-10 days without any updates to the tracking information are considered extended delays.

If You Live Outside the United States

For those outside of the United States, delays can sometimes reach up to 15-30 days before the package starts moving again. If your delay reaches 30 days, or it goes more than 15 days without an update, it is best to contact us right away.

If you used our free shipping offer to send the package somewhere outside of the US, and it is determined that the package is lost, you will have two options: 1)You may elect to have the package reshipped, but will be responsible for covering the cost of an upgraded shipping option with tracking or 2)Get a refund for the package.