What is a pre-order and how do pre-orders work?

Some items on our site may be listed as a pre-order. This means you are placing an order for a product that is not estimated to ship until the pre-order date. If your order also contains other items, they will also be delayed until the pre-ordered item is shipped. So, if you need your items sooner, it is suggested you take advantage of our free global worldwide shipping and place a separate order for those other items.

If there is no pre-order date listed, that means a date has likely not been confirmed yet. In many cases, it also means that any potential pre-order date is likely further away than the common pre-order period of about seven (7) days. While it's not common for a pre-order period to last more than a few weeks, it can happen. In those cases, we will do everything we can to keep you informed of every up date we receive either via the product page or emails from our Support Wizards.