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Flash String Accessory
Flash String
Accessory by Red Corner Magic - $11.50

Perfect for vanishing, producing or transforming objects with a flash! Includes flash string only. No instructions. Ignite this flash cotton using your preferred method/device.

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Sparkle Flash 1 Oz. Bottle Accessory
Sparkle Flash 1 Oz. Bottle
Accessory - $11.00

This fine product will add a sense of wonder to any fire effect. Sprinkle on Flash Paper, Cotton, String or Cord to add electrically crackling sparks to your effect.

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String of Silks Trick
String of Silks
Trick by The Essel Magic - $14.95

Generations have seen the endless string of silks being pulled from a pocket or other prop -- it is always a delight to audiences young and old. Twelve different-colored 6" silks are tied together and open flat as you pull them in what seems to be a never-ending gag.

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