Intimate Setting: An Up Close and Personal Magic Convention in London

What sets The Session apart is its intimate setting, despite being a magic convention in London. We’ve deliberately kept it smaller, allowing for a closer and more personal interaction between magicians and attendees. This unique atmosphere enables magicians to share their secrets, stories, and insights more openly. It's the best place to learn card tricks, get the latest magic books and magic tricks, and even see some world-class mentalism.

Registration is fast and effortless. (And you usually get a special free deck of playing cards). The seating is arranged so there really is no bad seat in the house. Meals run smoothly. There’s no queue of people 20 deep at the bar to get served. Capping the attendance means that you will get the chance to see and meet everyone you want to. It means people are more willing to share during the late-night jams. And ultimately, it makes for a better convention experience.

Tom Elderfield registering for The Session

This smaller size is really one of the standout features of this magic convention in London. It allows attendees to connect with world-class magicians, lecturers, and fellow magic enthusiasts on a more personal level. The smaller size fosters an environment where attendees can engage in meaningful conversations, ask questions, and receive personalised advice. Whether you're an aspiring magician or a seasoned pro, the opportunity to connect with your magical heroes and mentors is a priceless experience that larger magic conventions often can't provide.

The Session may be smaller in scale, and began purely focused on close-up magic but it certainly doesn't compromise on quality. In fact, the convention is known for attracting some of the most renowned magicians and performers from around the world. The intimate setting allows attendees to watch close-up performances, attend exclusive lectures, learn card tricks and even share a meal or a drink with their magical idols. This kind of access to such accomplished magicians is a rare and valuable aspect of The Session. Locating a magic convention in London is not easy. We had to search to find a suitable hotel, but it does mean that due to its proximity to Heathrow, we can fly in performers and attendees from all over the globe with ease.

Mac King

With a more manageable number of attendees, The Session offers a unique opportunity for focused learning. Lectures, and hands-on sessions become more interactive and engaging, allowing attendees to absorb more information and improve their sleight-of-hand. If you're interested in card tricks, mentalism, or sleight of hand, The Session's intimate size ensures that you won't get lost in the crowd.

Jamming at The Session

Magic conventions are not just about learning magic tricks; they're also about building a community of like-minded individuals and making long-lasting memories. The smaller size of The Session fosters a sense of connection among attendees. Over the years, many lifelong friendships and professional collaborations have been formed at this London magic convention, thanks to our intimate and welcoming atmosphere. And if you have never been to a convention before, or just want to make more friends this year, we’ve got a special new initiative called Basecamp to make you feel as welcome as the veterans. You can read more about that here - and it doesn’t cost a penny!

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