Super Pom Pom Stick

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Super Pom Pom Stick - magic
Super Pom Pom Stick Super Pom Pom Stick

This is Super because there are TWO Pom Poms hanging on each end of the stick!

The magician pulls a Pom Pom from one end, and a Pom Pom from the other end moves - one is pulled down, and the other pops up! When another is pulled, a different Pom Pom moves. It's crazy!

The audience starts to think they are all tied together, so the magician pulls the stick apart, one stick in each hand. Magically, when a Pom Pom is pulled on one stick, another Pom Pom from the other stick still moves!

The stick is placed back together again, and they move all over again. It drives the audience nuts!

Great magic with colorful Pom Poms, and lots of laughs - super for comedy bits!


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This takes just a little practice to show it back together again at the end, but it packs light, plays well, and adds nice color to the show. You may think of it as an effect for kids, and it works for them, but it also fools adults. Sturdy too. I like it.


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  • Doug asks: What is the length of the Pom Pom Stick? (is it intended for closeup, parlour or stage?) Post an answer to this question

  • Brandon asks: How much noise is there when the magic happens?? I have a smaller version and it makes a loud noise when the tubes are pulled apart and such if that makes sense without telling how it works Post an answer to this question

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