Trick by Hondo and Magic Soul ($29.95)

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Imagine for a moment that you give someone a small spray bottle of unscented water, and tell them to hold it close. You ask them to close their eyes and concentrate on a treasured memory to imbue the water with that emotion. When they spray this magic water on their skin, they discover it has been transmuted into a sweet perfume. Most mysterious of all, if they imbue the water a second time, summoning a different memory, a new scent emerges!

Aroma is a unique type of trick, one that is not to be seen, but smelled! Each performance leaves your audience enveloped in fragrance, ensuring that the experience is one not easily forgotten!

  • Easy to use 
  • Takes place in the hands of the volunteer 
  • Instant reset 
  • Fully customizable with your favorite scents 
  • All props can be inspected, even given as gifts!

INCLUDES: secret props and access to an online instructional video

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