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The Fabulous Egg DVD
The Fabulous Egg
DVD by Vincenzo Di Fatta - $3.00

Some cards are shown: three are blank and one has the drawing of an egg. This card is turned on its back on the table, and the others are placed under. The magician gives a tap on the egg that magically appears under the table. The card above, however, is turned and has become blank. The thing is...

The Exchange DVD
The Exchange
DVD by David Goring - $24.95

Trick photography? Hardly. But once you witness The Exchange in action, you'll swear that either a supernatural force has possessed a deck of cards or you've witnessed a bona-fide blip in the fabric of reality.The Exchange allows magicians to perform miracles - effortlessly. Imagine outjogging a...

The Cube DVD
The Cube
DVD by Takamitsu Usui - $29.95

THE CUBE can be used in various way during your performance! It can be used as a Changing effect , Vanishing, Passing Through or as a Prediction. Your Audience won't be the only ones mystified by this illusion, THE CUBE even fools the most knowledgeable magicians! THE CUBE is totally examinable,...

The Collected Secrets of Lubor Fiedler DVD
The Collected Secrets of Lubor Fiedler
DVD by Lubor Fiedler - $34.95

For decades, Lubor Fiedler's name has been associated with some of the most innovative, magical, visual illusions ever created. Now, for the first time, watch the man himself as he demonstrates, and then reveals, the secrets behind some of his most diabolical creations. Lubor Fiedler's magic is so...

The Coinjurer DVD
The Coinjurer
DVD by David Neighbors - $34.95

David Neighbors is considered one of the top magicians who specialize in the field of magic with coins. On this DVD he performs and explains some of his advanced coin routines and techniques using regular coins and known coin gaffs. Routines performed and explained:EZ Hank Backfire: A handkerchief...

The Close-Up Magic of Chef Anton DVD
The Close-Up Magic of Chef Anton
DVD by Chef Anton - $55.00

Whether you want to prosper in the very lucrative world of corporate entertainment and trade show conventions or, simply boost your repertoire for LIVE performance, close-up magic, this two-disc DVD set is for you. Known for his ability to improve on the classics such as, The Shell Game, Balls Over...

The Cloak by Justin Miller DVD
The Cloak by Justin Miller
DVD by Justin Miller - $30.00

The Cloak is a brand new elastic hook-up that will: Minimize breakage by 99%! For the first time ever...freedom in your floats and animated effects that you did not have before, this has got to be seen to be believed Flotation,movement,and animation on almost any object with pinpoint precision! No...

The Classic Chop Cup DVD
The Classic Chop Cup
DVD by Larry Jennings - $29.95

The thirteenth in the series, the most professional Teach-In on this classic of magic produced!The "Chop Cup" used by professionals world wide!Never fails to entertain and amaze!Four performers reveal their secret routines and explain as well!Most all magicians in the world have a "chop cup" in...

The Chop Cup - Brad Burt DVD
The Chop Cup - Brad Burt
DVD by Brad Burt - $30.00

Here is a complete treatment of Brad Burt's FAVORITE magic effect! This is "Power" magic that can be used in many situations. Imagine a one cup cup and ball routine. Imagine that a small ball vanishes and reappears in amazing ways. Penetrates the bottom of the cup. Then....TWO HUGE SOLID BALLS ONLY...

The Cheat DVD
The Cheat
DVD by Richard Turner - $35.00

Two Video Volumes on One DVD!Presented under the theme of "Protecting Yourself at the Card Table", this video series was filmed in - studio with the latest in camera and editing equipment. Many of the over 200 techniques demonstrated are shown not only in slow motion, but are also filmed from under...

The Castle Routine DVD
The Castle Routine
DVD by Ed Ellis - $30.00

For over 25 years, Ed Ellis has performed close-up magic, sleight of hand illusions, and full time table magic for Hollywood, TV, and sports celebrities. His is also an accomplished award winning drummer, and has played on stage with The Buddy Rich Band.Ed has also performed his amazing close-up...

The Card Idol Series Vol 1 DVD
The Card Idol Series Vol 1
DVD by Fenik - $35.00

In the "Card Idol" DVD Fenik will show you and teach you The Most Sophisticated and Modern Card Magic...Shock your audience and fool everyone with this top notch exiting material. SUPERIOR ACESThe four Aces are inserted in the center of the deck just by waving your hand over the cards. The Aces...

The Business of Street Magic DVD
The Business of Street Magic
DVD by Will Stelfox - $29.95

Whether you're new to magic of already performing the occasional show, Will Stelfox will show you how he went from learning his first magic trick to becoming a full time successful street performer in under a year. In this comprehensive DVD, Will teaches you the five phases that turn complete...

The Attic Is In My Chest DVD
The Attic Is In My Chest
DVD by Dominique Duvivier - $52.50

What is the impact of these routines on a real audience? See for yourself: everything has been shot in front of a real audience. And the reactions leave no doubt: it's a bombshell! Only cards? Yes, but so spectacular.Dominique Duvivier reveals routines that made his success through hundreds of...

The Astor Lecture Live at FFFF 2008 DVD
The Astor Lecture Live at FFFF 2008
DVD by Astor - $25.00

CONTAINS:Astor MentalVirtual DiceAstor's Ambitious CardESP BoxesZodiac TestNo Comment...Mental JackpotJumbo Mental JackpotMental CubesAstor EpicRunning Time Approximately 1hr 18min

The Amazing Twenty Dollar Bill Trick DVD
The Amazing Twenty Dollar Bill Trick
DVD by Paul Romhany and Hal Spear - $39.95

"When Hal showed me a tape of this hilarious new confusion routine, I said this is the substitute for banana/bandana I've been looking for."- Paul RomhanyExplaining that he is trying out a new trick, the performer follows along to an instructional CD only to have the volunteer's borrowed and signed...

The Al Schneider Technique - Vol1: Theory & Magic DVD
The Al Schneider Technique - Vol1: Theory & Magic
DVD by Al Schneider - $35.00

Worth the cost of the entire series, this first volume in Al Schneider's landmark video series is a significant contribution to the why's and how's of performing magic. The value of the information presented here cannot be underestimated as Al Schneider presents the principles that lie at the very...

The 52 vs Joker Project DVD
The 52 vs Joker Project
DVD by Gary Jones and Chris Congreave - $30.00

Inside this package you'll find two awesome playing card gaffs printed by the United States Playing Card Company. The 52 on 1 Card features an entire deck of cards on one side and a joker on the other. And the second gaff is a double facer with a Joker on one side and a 5 of Hearts (or Spades) on...

The hole Thing DVD
The hole Thing
DVD by Daryl - $19.95

Two hole cards and Two whole cards magically transform into... ...a spot card, a card with a whole bunch of spots, a card with a spot that covers the whole card, and a spot card with a hole! For a surprise finish, the final card is turned around to reveal the word "HOLE" written across the whole...

That Can't Be Good DVD
That Can't Be Good
DVD by Jay Sankey - $15.00

Hilarious stand-up comedy taped in front of several LIVE audiences! Plus as a special BONUS, the CD includes some of Jay's original songs and darky comic 'bedtime stories!' A definite 'MUST' for any diehard Sankey fan!Parental Advisory: Explicit ContentRunning Time Approximately 38min

Tempest Concept DVD
Tempest Concept
DVD by Andrew Normansell - $39.95



DVD Language: Spanish An original idea Mago "J", filmed and produced by Studio exclusively for Undermagic. The magic sponge is a curious, different, highly entertaining, interactive and very direct magic. With large doses of SURPRISE. Spectators are amazed to see how simple sponge...

Technical Toolbox DVD
Technical Toolbox
DVD by Vanishing Inc. - $50.00

Beginning in January of 2014, Stephen Hobbs - author of Modus Operandi: The Magic of Jack Carpenter, Gene Maze and the Art of Bottom Dealing, and The Essential Sol Stone - commenced a project that was called both crazy and impossible: an online web 'zine to be released every week for fifty-two...

Tearify Newspaper Mindreading DVD
Tearify Newspaper Mindreading
DVD by Nathan Kranzo - $25.00

The classic Newspaper Test stripped down to its bare essentials. Done with NO GAFFS, GIMMICKS or extras. No math, no thinking other than presentation. A page freely chosen from a newspaper is torn into dozens of pieces. ONE piece is selected. ONE WORD is thought of on EITHER SIDE of the piece of...

Tea Leaf Reading and More DVD
Tea Leaf Reading and More
DVD by Leaping Lizards Publishing (V) - $75.00

If you have already enjoyed learning from Leaping Lizard's Tarot, Palm Reading or Fidh Lan reading DVD sets, then you already know the type of unique and easy to learn instructional DVDs they create for those who have an interest in learning to do readings. In this new 2 DVD set Leaping Lizard is...