Magic by Andy Amyx

Dove from Sketch Pad Trick
Dove from Sketch Pad
Trick by Andy Amyx - $150.00 NOW $114.00 (SAVE $36.00)

Direct from Dan Sperry's award winning Las Vegas Dove Act is the Dove From Sketch Pad. No Body Loads Self Contained Perform Virtually Surrounded Easy To Do Perfect for Kid Show Performers Perform it ANY TIME during your act or show...

The Spanish Cups Accessory
The Spanish Cups
Accessory by Andy Amyx - $65.00 NOW $49.40 (SAVE $15.60)

We're thrilled to be able to offer you these beautiful Spanish design cups, perfect for both the collector and performer. While featuring a delicate and intricate design, these cups are also sturdy enough to withstand the use of a full-time worker. Hand-made and designed by some of the finest...

Santa HatTear Trick
Santa HatTear
Trick by Andy Amyx - $13.00 NOW $9.88 (SAVE $3.12)

The magician displays two sheets of tissue paper and tears them into two different pieces giving two sheets to a child audience volunteer who is instructed to "Do As I Do and we will restore our pieces together". The volunteer is left with several torn pieces but the magician takes their pieces and...

Barehanded Dove Production Trick
Barehanded Dove Production
Trick by Andy Amyx - $28.00 NOW $21.28 (SAVE $6.72)

This is a great harness for bare handed productions. This harness design is very safe for your birds and is used by many top professionals. These are perfect for effects such as dove in balloon, fire to dove, and the dove split

Doves 101 Starter Kit Trick
Doves 101 Starter Kit
Trick by Andy Amyx - $155.00 NOW $117.80 (SAVE $37.20)

Andy Amyx presents the Complete Beginner's Dove Magic Package. This comes with everything you will need to perform amazing dove magic! Make no mistake about it, the items in this package are the same that working professionals use and pay a lot of money for separately. You will get: Doves 101 DVD 2...

Dove Bag Trick
Dove Bag
Trick by Andy Amyx - $50.00 NOW $38.00 (SAVE $12.00)

Andy Amyx Presents Dove from Newspaper using his Ultra Quick Release Dove holder design. Andy has found the perfect fabric for the classic Dove from Newspaper. And using his Ultra Quick Release Holder there is never any fumbling to release the dove from the holder.

Burning Connection 2.0 Trick
Burning Connection 2.0
Trick by Andy Amyx - $52.95 NOW $40.24 (SAVE $12.71)

Have you ever wanted to produce a flaming business card from your wallet? The Burning Connection 2.0 wallet will ignite your business card. When you extinguished the card it then can be handed to a spectator as your "Burning Connection". This gimmicked wallet is absolutely one of the most...

Doves 101 Andy Amyx DVD
Doves 101 Andy Amyx
DVD by Andy Amyx - $45.00 NOW $34.20 (SAVE $10.80)

"A superior video for the beginner or seasoned professional." - Lance Burton Learn the art of dove stealing from one of the world's finest dove artists. Andy Amyx takes you through all the important techniques including:- Dove Care and Training- Sleve Tossing Techniques - Invisible Harness...

Kissed v2 Trick
Kissed v2
Trick by Andy Amyx and Andy Amyx Production - $20.00 NOW $15.20 (SAVE $4.80)

Seal it with a kiss with this new effect! A participant signs their name and phone number on the card, and returns it to the deck. When they blow a kiss toward the deck, an image of a chocolate kiss appears on the back of their card. Then you take their card and make the image turn into...

Throw Streamers Trick
Throw Streamers
Trick by Andy Amyx - $28.75 NOW $21.85 (SAVE $6.90)

Used by many of today's top stage acts these Throw Streamers shower over the audience creating a strong visual element perfect for any routine.Comes with 12 throw streamer loads complete with tear tab which won't release the streamers until you're ready and instruction sheet.