Magic by Antonio Romero

Nicholas Einhorn Presents Bill to Marker Trick
Nicholas Einhorn Presents Bill to Marker
Trick by Nicholas Einhorn and Antonio Romero - $70.00

This is it! This is the effect we have been working on intensely for a year. It's simple, elegant, and UTTERLY BAFFLING. A spectator signs and loans you ANY bill. It vanishes and reappears INSIDE THE MARKER THEY SIGNED IT WITH. Nicholas Einhorn is one of the most trusted professionals...

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Laminated Trick
Trick by Antonio Romero - $65.00 NOW $32.50 (SAVE $32.50)

EffectsSigned Laminated Card:A signed selected card is found to be laminated and in an impossible location, and is given to a spectator as a souvenir. An ideal climax for a signed-card routine. ID Prediction:The latest in mentalism. A spectator calls a number, a country or a name. You produce a...

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Romero Box Trick
Romero Box
Trick by Antonio Romero - $60.00

A change box inside a card case! Imagine the possibilities. Its clean and simple workings will open the doors to hundreds of effects. You will find new and powerful solutions for the tricks in your repertoire. Lastly, as an innocent-looking object. The box appears to be out of play and allows you...

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