Magic by Brian Kennedy

BLUR Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Brian Kennedy - $5.95

Blur is a visual colour change that you can do fully surrounded and that looks like trick photography. Blur is a variation on a classic change in...

50 Fifty DVD
50 Fifty
DVD by Brian Kennedy - $38.00

Created by Brian Kennedy, 50Fifty is an incredible stage illusion that you can perform in close up conditions. A freely selected card is...

Hacked DVD
DVD by Brian Kennedy - $34.50

Cause a spectator's signature to transfer from one card to another whilst it is held in their own hands! One of Ireland's leading...

The Clover Project DVD
The Clover Project
DVD by Brian Kennedy and Carl Campbell - $34.95

Brian Kennedy and Carl Campbell present some of their effects. Three incredibly strong, original effects, from their working...