Magic by Dave Forrest

Dave Forrest is a clever magician from the UK. Forrest has become known throughout the world for his offbeat methods for classic effects. He has created some fantastic material, and we feature the widest selection of Dave Forrest material on the net, listed below and in stock.
Silver Swindle DVD & props
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Silver Swindle
DVD & props by Dave Forrest and Romanos - $25.00

You'll always know which hand the signed coin is in and, despite being allowed to examine the coins, your audience will never know how! This is Silver Swindle! Your participant chooses any one of two identical coins and signs it. You then turn your back and they put one of the coins in...

Color Burn Magic download (video)
Color Burn
Magic download (video) by Dave Forrest - $17.00

A blue backed deck is removed from its case. The deck is spread and your spectators are asked to call out the names of some cards that they see. You then take the named cards and, one by one, begin to magically change their back colour from blue to red! Offering a better look at the technique...

Tunnel Vision Magic download (video)
Tunnel Vision
Magic download (video) by Dave Forrest - $15.00

The Tunnel Vision gimmicks will allow you to push a face up playing card through the deck - as it emerges from the other side it is seen to change into a completely different card. The main Tunnel Vision routine is a professional performance piece where four Jokers change one by one...

BOXFLIP Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Dave Forrest - $12.00

You remove the deck from its case and have a spectator freely choose any card - no force - and sign it across the face. You then place the card case into your pocket before losing the signed card back into the centre of the deck. With a snap of your fingers you claim that you have made the card...

Star Trick
Trick by Dave Forrest - $29.95

It's not often a brand new method comes along but STAR is completely unlike ANY other T&R card on the market - it's a whole new approach! And, Dave's breakthrough method allows for some of the cleanest restorations ever seen in T&R methodology. By simply touching the torn pieces...

Project Zero DVD
Project Zero
DVD by Dave Forrest - $40.00

Dave Forrest is back with 'Project Zero' - the amazing new double disk set featuring fifteen incredible new effects involving holes! Imagine punching a hole in a card and then casually plucking the hole off. You toss it into the deck where it lands on a signed selection! Or, sliding a...

AIR Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Dave Forrest - $15.00

Is it possible to cause a freely selected and signed card to rise from the centre of a regular deck of cards that is locked inside the card case? The answer is YES! The answer is AIR! Any card is freely selected from the deck. The card is signed before being lost back into the pack. The pack...

DeLorian Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Dave Forrest - $15.00

DeLorian is a show stopping 'Signed Card to Impossible Location' effect that can be performed at any time during your act with any freely selected card! And, it's just as easy to do as it is absolutely stunning! The DeLorian gimmick allows you to apparently remove a folded card from...

Deception - Volume 1 DVD
Deception - Volume 1
DVD by Dave Forrest - $32.00 NOW $24.32 (SAVE $7.68)

Dave Forrest (creator of Colour Burn and Nothing In Transit) is back with Deception, a new collection of close-up magic bearing all the hallmarks that have made Dave one of magic's most respected creators. This, the first volume of Deception, is quite literally bursting with clever...

Radio Rental DVD
Radio Rental
DVD by Dave Forrest - $40.00 NOW $30.40 (SAVE $9.60)

Dave Forrest does not believe that playing cards and mentalism don't mix. On this DVD, you'll see Dave perform 9 knock out mentalism effects, all of which feature playing cards. But, let's be clear. This is not a collection of card tricks with a 'mental flavor'. This is high impact mental material...

Leatherbound Trick
Trick by Dave Forrest - $25.00 NOW $19.00 (SAVE $6.00)

Leatherbound is an offbeat 'card to wallet' concept that is perfect for impromptu and strolling situations. Leatherbound introduces a new concept in 'card to wallet' methodology. It has a casual look and feel that we think is just great. Plus, here's the best part: you use your own...

REM (DVD and Gimmicks) DVD
REM (DVD and Gimmicks)
DVD by Dave Forrest - $30.00

REM will allow you to have anyone describe, with unfailing accuracy, the details of the performer's recurring dream, and is Dave Forrest's long awaited close-up version of his highly successful routine The Man Who Paints The Future. This parlour mentalism piece found favour among...

Trickery DVD
DVD by Dave Forrest - $48.00

David Forrest is a rising star in magic and is creating quite a name for himself. He creates very visual magic and often twists standard plots in completely new directions. Trickery was his first major DVD project and while not his best production wise (although the production is...

Freak Trick
Trick by Dave Forrest - $21.25

Dave Forrest presents 'FREAK'. When a torn photograph of a murder victim restores in the hands of your participant... When that victim was correctly intuited, merely thought of, from three potential victims... When that photo then changes in a truly disturbing way... They...

Prism (Stack) DVD
Prism (Stack)
DVD by Dave Forrest and Wayne Goodman - $30.00

Have you ever wanted to memorise an entire deck cards? Well, thanks to Wayne Goodman's 'PRISM' stack, you don't have to! This super-simple system will allow you to know with absolute certainty, the exact card at any named position between 1 and 52. The power of knowing which card lies...

Cubism Trick
Trick by Dave Forrest - $75.00 NOW $57.00 (SAVE $18.00)

CUBISM. It's a chop cup, but not as we know it! Years in development, Dave Forrest has finally realised a personal ambition and is very pleased to be able to offer magicians worldwide the most organic chop cup in existence! A beautiful, professionally made leather-bound chop...

Damage Trick
Trick by Dave Forrest - $25.00 NOW $19.00 (SAVE $6.00)

This is a modern, new take on the torn and restored card. Instead of tearing the card into four pieces, Dave simply makes a very clear tear along the middle of the signed card and then slowly and visually rubs the tear away. There are no creases and no folds - no sign of any damage. The card is...

Loxley DVD
DVD by Dave Forrest - $33.00

'LOXLEY' is a killer 'predicted card at number effect' with a stunning kicker! Effect: You send a picture message to your participants mobile phone (or, you can just hand them an envelope with a picture inside if you prefer) - it's your prediction. You hand them a Joker and ask them to...

Automata 2 DVD
Automata 2
DVD by Dave Forrest and Gary Jones - $29.95

'Automata 2' marks the second instalment of the smash hit self-working series from Full 52 Productions. On this DVD you'll find ELEVEN more completely self working magic effects using a variety of everyday objects and this time around - there are ZERO CARD TRICKS! Gary Jones...

4 X Four DVD
4 X Four
DVD by Dave Forrest - $30.00 NOW $22.80 (SAVE $7.20)

Have you ever needed four of a kind? In the midst of rubber gloves, blowing bubbles, cross dressing, male pregnancy and erotic pictograms, Dave Forrest and Owen Packard will walk you through 8 varied methods to do just that in ways that will ensure your audience are gob-smacked! From 'easy-peasy'...

The Light DVD
The Light
DVD by Dave Forrest - $70.00 NOW $53.20 (SAVE $16.80)

At any time during your set you can cause a signed playing card, bill, business card or billet to appear inside the inner fuel chamber of this specially gimmicked petrol lighter.'The Light' is a close-up magicians dream! The prop itself is completely above suspicion - it is the epitmoe of an...

DeLorian Signed Card Under Cellophane DVD
DeLorian Signed Card Under Cellophane
DVD by Dave Forrest - $30.00

DeLorian is a show stopping 'Signed Card to Impossible Location' effect that can be performed at any time during your act with any freely selected card! And, it's just as easy to do as it is absolutely stunning! The DeLorian gimmick allows you to apparently remove a folded card from under the...

Nothing In Transit DVD
Nothing In Transit
DVD by Dave Forrest - $40.00 NOW $30.40 (SAVE $9.60)

This has become one of Dave Forrest's signature effects and for good reason. It looks so surreal, you're guaranteed to do a double take! Your spectator chooses a card from the deck. You display a blank card with a large hole in it, claiming that is in fact a 'Portable Hole'. With a...