Magic by Romanos

Silver Swindle DVD & props
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Silver Swindle
DVD & props by Dave Forrest and Romanos - $25.00

You'll always know which hand the signed coin is in and, despite being allowed to examine the coins, your audience will never know how! This is Silver Swindle! Your participant chooses any one of two identical coins and signs it. You then turn your back and they put one of the coins in...

Looking Glass 2.0 DVD
Looking Glass 2.0
DVD by Romanos - $29.95

Looking Glass 2.0 is a utility device used to acquire secret information, discreetly, in front of spectators. In our opinion, the strength of this device is not in just revealing information that has just been written down, but in using it as part of a routine. This way, the moment where...

Gerti Reborn Trick
Gerti Reborn
Trick by Romanos - $25.00

A powerful rendition of the "which hand" effect that will leave spectators baffled and bemused. Gerti Reborn allows you to perform the "coin in which hand" guessing game, but with the greatest of ease thanks to its diabolically simple method. Imagine a spectator signs one of two coins...

Mentally Exposed DVD
Mentally Exposed
DVD by Romanos - $25.00

From the creator of the bestselling trick "Gerti", AKA "Silver Swindle comes "Mentally Exposed". This is a DVD with five extraordinary effects. Some of what you will learn: Imagine inviting someone to choose a playing card and to put it, out of sight, without looking at it. You then ask a selection...

The Business  DVD
The Business
DVD by Romanos - $66.30

Romanos has created a super cool ultra-organic and wonderfully deceptive peek device. The Business utilizes an ingenious method built into a normal looking business card case. Imagine removing your business cards from your case and handing one to your spectator. The rest of the cards...