Magic by Hideki Tani

Ring Teleport 2 Trick
Ring Teleport 2
Trick by Masuda and Hideki Tani - 17.95

The performer shows a silver ring on his/her right ring finger. When the magician blows on the ring, it disappears instantly! The performer show...

Collaboration Cube Trick
Collaboration Cube
Trick by Akira Fujii and Hideki Tani - 49.95

This is an incredible effect and routine with a puzzle cube by two Atsukawa Award Magicians, Akira Fujii and Hideki Tani. It contains a "sucker...

Who Inside Trick
Who Inside
Trick by Hideki Tani and Ltd. French Drop - 65.00

"Who Inside" is an original gem from Hideki Tani, the genius mind behind "Rattle Dice Case". A lock penetrates a glass bottle in...

Card Cage Trick
Card Cage
Trick by Hideki Tani - 19.95

You can perform three effects with this trick: capture a selected card, vanish the card, then make it reappear anywhere. The audience...