Magic by Masuda

Awatenai Awatenai Trick
Awatenai Awatenai
Trick by Masuda - $43.00 $32.68 (SAVE $10.32)

EffectThe performer places a plastic wallet which contains a prediction on the table. Then a spectator chooses a card from the deck. The magician...

ATTO Presents: Logical Deck Trick
ATTO Presents: Logical Deck
Trick by Masuda - $32.00 $24.32 (SAVE $7.68)

Without touching or looking at a selected card, you can divine the name of the selection even without asking question. This can be done with the...

Ring Teleport 2 Trick
Ring Teleport 2
Trick by Hideki Tani and Masuda - $17.95

The performer shows a silver ring on his/her right ring finger. When the magician blows on the ring, it disappears instantly! The performer show...

Mystery Hole Trick
Mystery Hole
Trick by Masuda - $39.95 $30.36 (SAVE $9.59)

EffectThe performer shows a picture of a wine bottle and a glass. He introduces a piece of black paper and a punch. Then he punches a hole in the...

Dramatic Envelope Trick
Dramatic Envelope
Trick by Masuda - $34.95

EffectThe magician explains that he made a prediction in the wallet. Then he introduces five ESP cards and have a spectator choose one from them. The...

Easy Vanish Trick
Easy Vanish
Trick by Masuda - $39.95 $30.36 (SAVE $9.59)

This is not a coin routine, but a versatile gimmick for coin tricks. Coin tricks usually require a long time of training. However, our new gimmick...

Two Card Mystery Trick
Two Card Mystery
Trick by Masuda - $17.95 $13.64 (SAVE $4.31)

EffectPerformer shows one side of two cards. Next, he shows the other side of them. Spectators realize one card is regular and the other card is...

The Blade Trick
The Blade
Trick by Masuda - $19.95 $15.16 (SAVE $4.79)

EffectA spectator examines a bill and a piece of paper. The magician lays the paper on top of the bill and folds them lengthwise so that the bill is...

Don't Cry For The Star Trick
Don't Cry For The Star
Trick by Masuda - $43.00 $32.68 (SAVE $10.32)

EffectThe performer introduces a bunch of cards. He takes a joker which sits on top of the packet revealing the remaining cards have star-shaped hole...

Useless Resistance Trick
Useless Resistance
Trick by Masuda - $50.75

EffectThe magician spreads a deck of cards face up. Then he squares the deck and spreads it face down. The performer turns around and a spectator...