Magic by Jeff Lee

Bill in Egg DVD
Bill in Egg
DVD by Jeff Lee - $47.95

This is the ULTIMATE "Bill To" effect! Imagine... A Chicken's egg is chosen and inspected by a spectator (no stooges). THE EGG CAN BE THOUGHLY EXAMINED! There is nothing to find... You then ask the spectator to sign their initials on the egg. The egg can remain in the...

Color Changing Cane 3.0 Fluorescent Dancing Trick
Color Changing Cane 3.0 Fluorescent Dancing
Trick by Jeff Lee - $695.00 NOW $528.20 (SAVE $166.80)

An unbelievable miracle has occurred! The Fluorescent Light Dancing CANE has finally appeared, and it is awesome! This is a SUPER revolution in the history of the dancing CANE. First, the Fluorescent Light Dancing CANE is SUPER BRIGHT. Even in broad daylight, the whole piece is blazing...

J Rose Trick
J Rose
Trick by Jeff Lee - $154.95

J Rose is the perfect fit if you are looking for an elegant and sophisticated minute of magic to insert into your stage or caberet set. The most pleasant surprise (besised the beautiful magic) is the fact that you can perform two separate effects, creating a well formed and magical routine....